For those who don't remember, the fourth generation Toyota supra was one of the last supercars to ever come out of Japan.  That's right - supercar.  Not sports car, not sports coupe, not even GT.  The heart of this preposterous claim is the 2jZ-GTE, Toyota's engine code for the 3.0L DOHC inline 6 that many import tuners have declared effectively indestructible.  Out of the factory it only makes about 320 horses, but the right recipe of upgraded turbochargers and fuel management have been known on occasion to make it spit out near four digit horsepower numbers on the stock bottom end.  Enter, the end-all-be-all online registry of high output supras.  Its members' dyno charts make a combined total of nearly 28,000 horsepower, with numbers ranging from a weaksauce I-hold-my-girlfriend's-purse 627 hp to a Ferrari-spanking 1132 ponies. 

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