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According to AB reader David Gluckman:

"On Sunday afternoon, I noticed a new maroon Mercury Montego and silver Mercury Mariner parked in a parking structure in downtown Birmingham, MI in a prominent location. Neither had license plates and they still had their window stickers on. I thought it was odd and felt it might be some kind of undercover advertising. I was then driving by the Gandy Dancer in Ann Arbor, MI later that evening and saw another identical set of Mariner/Montego parked in front of the restaurant, again no license plates. I went back the next day to both locations to take some pictures, but the vehicles had been moved. I did, however, notice a Mercury dealer on Maple Road in Troy had a set of the vehicles parked out front yesterday (presumably the ones I saw in Birmingham the day before)."

Guerilla campaign or not, mercury is going to need all the help it can get with the snooze-riffic looks of the Montego and Mariner (at right, drawing no crowd at an auto show).

Big ups to David for the tip.

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