After reading Automobile Magazines "100 Coolest Cars" cover story finding posting their Top 10 Hippest Vehicles of 2005 is not too overwhelming. Their list includes the Dodge Magnum and Chrysler 300, duh, at #1 and #2. The list is filled out by the BMW 6 Series Coupe, Toyota Prius, Mini Cooper Convertible, Ford GT, Scion xB, Ford Escape Hybrid, Honda Element, PT Cruiser Convertible. Personally I don't see anything "hip about the BMW, GT or Element (since it has been out for a few years). Cool yes, hip no. My list of coolest cars of the year, and almost everyone can afford them, is below.

1. Lotus Elise
2. Mazda3
3. Scion tC
4. Scion xB
5. Chrysler 300
6. Dodge Magnum
7. Volvo S40
8. VW R32
9. Subaru Legacy GT
10. Saab 9-2X

*I just whipped this up as the coolest cars I could think of that are on sale right now and are significantly new for 2004/2005. The affordability thing is just a bonus.

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