The bill, which is ostensibly supported by many Californians and most importantly by Governor Schwarzenegger, allows hybrids that get 45 miles per gallon into car-pool lanes regardless of the number of occupants. Ford is angry because the bill will exclude their Escape Hybrid SUV, which only gets 31 miles per gallon. In a letter written to the Governator, Blue Oval big man Bill Ford wrote, "We are chagrined to see" the proposal "amounts to a Buy Japanese bill." This comes right after he said that he would never ask California to support a Buy American bill. Hmmmm. The legislation is meant to encourage residents to consider alternative fuel vehicles, however a 75,000 owner limit will be imposed over a three-year period in order to avoid car-pool lane overcrowding.  Hmmmm x 2. The sheer amount of doublespeak going on here is giving me a headache.

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