s2000 Interior 

After a full day of driving in and out of the city the S2000 is one mean handling roadster. Despite the radar-gun attracting yellow paint job the car is a rather subdued and elegant looking vehicle. Inside the leather is high-quality and brushed aluminum accents add that hint of luxury for a $32,000 car. I'm also wondering why Honda didn't badge this an Acura to sell to their clientele willing to shell out that kind of money.

The dash, instruments and ergonomics might drive buyers to drink and that?s not good when you have to be in complete control of your faculties while driving the S2000. First let?s address the 1980s electronic gauges. Remember those cars that everyone thought were so futuristic because they had digital and not analog displays? Well the guys at Honda I guess still pine for those days.

I remember a clunker of an 1989 Ford Probe I drove and its display was as high-tech looking as the Honda?s. Ouch. Then there?s the radio concealed behind an aluminum door. What?s the deal with this? Sure there are dials to the left of the steering wheel for volume and switching from FM to CD but there isn?t anything that tells the driver what station, track or volume setting he?s on when the door is closed. If you leave it open the door rubs against the shifter. This is just odd. The stereo does sound great though.

The environmental controls are at least easy to figure out and make you wonder why they take up so much space in other cars.

And last there?s the bright red ignition button. OK that?s pretty cool.

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