s2000 Exterior 

As Fall weather descended on Chicago in the middle of August a bright yellow Honda S2000 roadster entered the Autoblog Garage. At a time when weather should be in the 90s we're getting highs of 60 and rain. Bummer.

So far a quick ride with the top down in between showers gave us the best glimpse of the promise of this roadster. With the panoramic views, small windshield and ultra-low ride this is as close to the road as one can get. The suspension is stiff. How stiff? Lets just say every bump gets me that much closer to the dentist chair as my teeth were regularly knocked around on city roads. But that ride stiffness is all worth it when considering how tightly the car handles. 

Larger 17-inch wheels keep this rear-wheeled beast stuck to the ground and the tiny steering wheel delivers that ?sure I could be a race-car driver if I really wanted to? impression. As you wiggle around to get comfortable in the snug seats there is no doubt that the slightly overweight might shy away from the S2000. My rapidly aging, late 20-something frame isn?t all that comfortable in it either. After a 20-minute or so ride my body thanked me for climbing out of the S2000, but my mind was wondering when we?d open it up.

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