Months ago the "An American Revolution" ads started popping up to showcase Chevrolet's array of new vehicles. I realized this was an effective way to tell consumers there are a lot of fresh ideas in the bowtie's arsenal. What I didn't know was the long lasting, and extremely successful, slogan for Chevy trucks was going to disappear at the Olympics. 10 new commercials will fill the airwaves, unless you have Tivo, during the summer games and they spell the end to "Like a rock." The Bob Seger song started as a backdrop to Chevy trucks in 1991 and just like that it's gone. The expert cited in this Detroit News story says the song outlived its usefulness, but I can't think of a slogan/song that is more intertwined with an automobile. Either way GM is going hog wild during the Olympics with over 400 commercials, half of them with the "An American Revolution" for Chevy. Just one more reason to tune out the Olympics this year. Oh and a side note: Does anyone understand why the "E" in "Revolution" is three red bars? Am I missing something? Or is it just to make us all think Revolution=Evolution?

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