Porsche Cars North America is excited to be in the position to have to tack 10 to 15 dealerships onto their current network of 193 U.S. and 11 Canadian sales facilities. The brand is planning to increase sales next year to 50,000, a not insubstantial jump from just over 30,000 last year. The upward trend will be spurred on by new 911 and Boxster models, as well as continued success with the Cayenne line. The new 911 goes on sale August 28th, and the Boxster will debut in Paris soon after and make its way to these glorious wave-lapped shores in about six months. Porsche will also devote significant energy to its first regional marketing campaign in autumn, which will consist of driving events, participation in auto shows and local advertising. The availability of test drives is considered a vital part of gaining sales, because as we all know hardly anyone lusts after a Porsche until they actually drive one.

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