From our brothers over at Engadget:

It seems those NASCAR guys really like their tech. In fact, we're pretty surprised they're going with something like Bluetooth for this, and not WiFi, or something proprietary: Jeff Gordon, Greg Biffle, Kurt Busch and Jimmie Johnson have all been test subjects for a Bluetooth enabled driver's helmet that would be used to replace the coiled quarter-inch-thick data cable connecting their head to the car so as to make fast exits from a flaming wreck even faster. Apparently the big to-do with this is getting NASCAR to approve of it, because it could be used to sneak illegal traction control into the cars (not that it couldn't easily be done wirelessly with any other number of techniques). But what gets us is why they are using Bluetooth to communicate directly to the pit, and not to follow their previous model, which was helmet to car-radio to pit—Bluetooth would have them lose contact with their 180mph car once it's more than 90 feet away. Unless, of course, they've been listening up.

[Via Blueserker]

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