Day 3

The xB is getting a lot of use and is a great city car. Its tiny engine doesn't offer a single thrill however and I find myself content to just point and go. Even though the xB only has 108-horsepower it does handle fairly well. Decent size wheels and a tight suspension make for quick turns and sporty feel.

Of course two of the much talked about features of the xB are the shape and the Scion aftermarket parts. Since this is a test vehicle we couldn't pick the aftermarket parts that would be put in. The only thing Autoblog got were a few red neon lights under the dash. There's a small power button by the shifter in the floor that turns them on and off. The effect is pretty neat on my white Adidas, but I doubt I'd actually throw down money for these. I'd prefer the offered cold-air intake in the engine to add a little more power.

Since the xB is basically a box it's time to show off the back. With the rear seats folded flat the back is very cubicle and can fit very tall as well as wide items. There's not a lot of depth back there but it would probably be perfect for a large TV etc. I've left the seats flat since the rear speakers are actually in the cargo area and not near the back seats. I want to write a whole day's entry on the stereo so that will have to wait. I'll also post a picture of that dimpled plastic I promised yesterday.

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