Jeep is taking the unprecedented angle of selling its all new 2005 Grand Cherokee as a street vehicle instead of an off-road warrior. We've already discussed that on Autoblog. But now the pundits are worried that this will hurt its off-road status. Are they serious? Does anyone really take these off-road? Not to get personal but we lease a 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee and could care less about off-roading. In over a year the only time we took it off-road was to visit a beach that had a dirt road. Otherwise all it does is tackle Costco parking lots, trips to the dog park and that's about it. The better half likes the high seating position and tons of room for stuff in the back. I don't think she's alone here. Her only complaints relate to the crummy cup-holders that can't hold those skinny water bottles, and the boring interior. Hopefully the all new Grand Cherokee will take care of both problems.

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