The pink Cadillac incentive was introduced in 1969 in the color "Mountain Laurel," which matched lip and eye palettes in the MK line. Lately, however, MK sales successes are opting for a $33,600 cash payout instead of a gaudy land yacht, which Diana Gold, MK's corporate communications manager, is calling a "lifestyle decision." To get the Caddy for two years, a sales team must break $96,000 over a six-month period. MK is also giving away cars for smaller sales targets, for instance a lipstick red Pontiac Vibe for turning $18,000 in four months. Another ill whip in the MK fleet is a platinum Pontiac Grand Prix with a pink MK logo emblazoned on the side. In that case, not wanting to drive the car has less to do with "lifestyle," and more to do with having even least semblance of what is known in the industry as "dignity."

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