Who knew Montana had a booming (no pun intended) custom car scene. About 40 or so contestants battled it out in Great Falls, Montana. The grand prize? $100, while winners in each individual class received $50. This is one of those moments when spending over $40,000 for a stereo, like the winner Dan Miller had, doesn't pay off. But it does give some bragging rights to say your SUV can pump out 150+ decibels. I loved how Mr. Miller said that with the windows rolled down it doesn't really hurt your ears. Of course 150 decibels hurts your ears. The wind rushing in from the open road hurts your ears too. That's why you don't notice it. Regardless, this might've been a small potatoes contest compared to the national custom scene but these folks take pride in their cars and that's all that matters. And what are these fine people doing in this picture? They're holding the glass down so the high decibels don't shatter the windows.

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