Road & Track stays faithful to the latter portion of its name by presenting an article about how to get into Spec Miata club racing. The pursuit entails using Mazda Miatas that have been built to comply with strict "spec" rules which facilitate tight competition. Both the Sports Car Club of America and the National Auto Sport Association have Spec Miata classes. A Spec Miata's specs are fairly simple: only limited mods are allowed to the engine, suspension, brakes and body, and a rollcage is required, along with other safety gear. Madzaspeed's Spec Miata kit is one of the most convenient and cost-effective ways to get a Miata track-ready, and one should expect to drop about $10K on car and alterations. Besides the relatively low cost of entry, Spec Miata racing allows motorists to drive their cars hard with less danger involved. Spec Miatas can be quick, but the penalty for error is much less than if one were flogging a Porsche GT3 and lifted off the throttle mid-corner, which could easily turn into a deadly mistake.

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