After great debate, Houston finally got its own street-level light rail system last year, meant to bisect the city along a 7.5 mile route and ease traffic congestion. Well it's not working, as 40 train-car collisions have transpired in the eight months the rail line has been open. The train is separated from automobiles by small raised bumps called traffic buttons, but often motorists must cross the tracks in order to make left turns, which is when most of the accidents have occurred. The motorists have typically been at fault in the wrecks, as they seem to disregard new road signs and traffic lights warning them of approaching trains. None of the accidents have been fatal. The real cause behind the incessant crashing, according to the article: "Houstonians are bad drivers", and even the area's transportation coordinator admits, "Unfortunately we lead the state in every conceivable type of crash." For instance, the appearance of the rail line coincided with a downcity rejuvenation, featuring a fountain abutting the tracks— this fountain has been accidentally driven into 15 times so far.

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