I was driving up to Boston with a friend on Friday and we hit some pretty heavy traffic outside of the city. As the traffic began to break up and everyone began to accelerate, I noticed a retractable rear-spoiler pop out of the back of a rather full-bodied car up ahead. At first I thought it was a Chrysler Crossfire but as we approached it became obvious that the new Bentley Continental GT was in out midst. It was light silver, although the factory color is probably called "Sterling" or something like that. It looks gigantic in person, and freaking gorgeous, both sleek and substantial, sporty and classy. The wheels likewise seemed massive. I submit that the car looks even better in person than in photos, especially while cruising next to it. Unfortunately we didn't stick around it too long as the driver was taking it pretty easy— he looked like he was about 26, and my friend observed that it is just about impossible for any reasonably young-looking person to not look like a jackass while driving that car. I've got to concur with him, although I'd volunteer to be that jackass in about two seconds flat.

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