Later this year Mercedes will mate an S-class with a CL or CLK-class  to produce a sporty über-sedan, the CLS-class, which will presumably coexist with the stodgier S-classers. Appearing to be slightly larger than the E-class, the sleek CLS takes the CL's coupe silhouette, which it elongates and bestows with four doors. The tail-end is further cropped to blend with the roofline. Right now a V6 CLS350 and V8 CLS500 are planned, brandishing 272-hp and 306-hp, respectively. Merc's new seven-speed automatic will be standard on both models, and, while the interiors are reminiscent of current Benzes, buyers with extra-selective tastes with be faced with choosing from the four interior colors and three shades of leather upholstery. Honestly, nobody ever said life was going to be easy.

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