Volvo C70

The Volvo C70 is a four-seater convertible with brilliant styling and elegant lines, and the retractable hardtop is an engineering masterpiece. For 2013 headlight washers and rain sensor wipers are standard equipment on all trims.The C70 comes in one model, a hardtop convertible. It is powered by a ...


2013 Volvo C70
MSRP: $41,200 - $45,000
2012 Volvo C70
MSRP: $40,450 - $44,050
2011 Volvo C70
MSRP: $39,950 - $39,950

For Sale

2011 Volvo C70
$17,428 / 60,967 miles / WA
2009 Volvo C70
$16,850 / 42,184 miles / WA
1999 Volvo C70
$4,995 / 181,495 miles / WA
"Notable features are the way the fabric headliner unfurls and is tensioned by wires as the roof moves into place and the L-shaped mesh draft screen that clips over the rear seats when driving with two up front. This wind blocker has zippered openings to allow easy parcel stowage and can be folded in half to fit into the trunk with a full complement of passengers onboard.
Seattle Volvo Downtown
1120 Pike St Seattle, 32565 0.2 miles
Schaefer Rita Volvo Commercial Finance
526 1st Ave S Apt 517 Seattle, 32568 0.9 miles
Bob Byers Ravenna Volvo
2700 NE 55th St Seattle, 32569 4.2 miles