Has This Four-Door Coupe Lost Its Distinctiveness? When first introduced for the 2009 model year, the CC was breathlessly billed by Volkswagen as a "new offering designed and engineered to blend sports car dynamics and dimensions with sedan comfort in a sophisticated package." The company's...

- Reviewed by Michael Harley


2015 Volkswagen CC
MSRP: $32,995 - $43,575
2014 Volkswagen CC
MSRP: $31,795 - $42,895
2013 Volkswagen CC
MSRP: $30,545 - $41,835
2012 Volkswagen CC
MSRP: $28,515 - $40,390
2011 Volkswagen CC
MSRP: $28,200 - $39,990
Next VW CC could get A7-like fastback bodystyle

It appears that despite slowing sales, Volkswagen isn't ready to give up on its dapper CC sedan yet. VW of America CEO Michael Horn says that a sleek, new design is being worked on and could be here in about two years.
VW teases mini CC four-door coupe concept for China

In the years before Volkswagen would admit that its Chattanooga, Tennessee plant would build the Passat, it referred to the vehicle the New Midsize Sedan. The sketch above is of sleek four-door called the New Midsize Coupe concept, to be introduced shortly at the Beijing Motor Show, but it warps the dimensions along the Passat-Jetta continuum: it's about 1.2 inches lower and the same amount shorter than the Jetta, but 2.3 inches wider – which makes it a touch wider than the Passat.
VW readying CC Shooting Brake?

This was bound to happen. Volkswagen's relentless drive for big volume has the brand mining seemingly every niche it can find for additional sales worldwide. And with its CLS Shooting Brake, fellow countryman Mercedes-Benz has already shown that a wagon based off of a "four-door coupe" can look dead sexy and command extra dollars. So it follows that the Volkswagen CC (whose existence is all but directly attributable to the success of the original CLS sedan) will also get a load-lugging variant.

For Sale

2014 Volkswagen CC
$22,591 / 30,259 miles / NJ
2012 Volkswagen CC
$15,245 / 44,426 miles / NJ
2012 Volkswagen CC
$19,999 / 48,911 miles / NY
"Powerful and efficient base turbo engine, balanced ride and handling, very well-equipped, beautifully made interior, sleek styling.
Reydel Volkswagen
2034 State Route 27 Edison, 8817 5.9 miles
VW Repair Center
408 South Ave E Westfield, 7090 6.7 miles
VW Repair Center
424 South Ave E Westfield, 7090 6.8 miles