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2011 Toyota Land Cruiser [w/video]

Surefooted Workaholic Tamed For Civilian Duty 2011 Toyota Land Cruiser - Click above for high-res image gallery An ox is a domesticated bovine whose primary purpose is to pull heavy loads. Tipping the scales at more than a ton, the hefty animals are not considered quick workers, especially when compared to horses, but they're steadfast in their actions and respond well to trained commands. Rarely spooked or unsettled, oxen deliver a long, dependable and rather unassuming service life. Toyota's Land Cruiser is the ox's four-wheeled equivalent. While the full-size sport utility vehic... Read More

Vital Stats

5.7L Eight-Cylinder
381 HP / 401 LB-FT
6-Speed Auto
$74,210 as tested
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