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72StuntBusters asks, Which is faster, EV or ICE?

Faithful readers of AutoblogGreen may be well aware of the high-performance abilities of electric drivetrains on the drag strip (see White Zombie, Black Current and Lawless Rocket for examples) but sadly, many others haven't yet gotten the torque-rules memo.

30Artists create amazing "reverse graffiti" car art using pollution and a power washer

Marc Cameron and Paul "Moose" Curtis, are an artistic twosome that are exceedingly skilled at turning dirt, grime and muck into art. In fact, the pair have teamed up to create our favorite kind of art – the sort that features automobiles as the subject. Starting with a spot on a dirt-covered wall in Munich, Moose and Cameron remove the buildup of gunk in various layers leaving behind their desired image.

46Together at last - Tesla Model S and Roadster hit the road

Plug your ears and keep your eyes glued to the screen. What we present here is rare footage of a Tesla Model S and a Tesla Roadster side-by-side on a picturesque, chicane-filled road. The music, in typical Tesla fashion, drowns out any automotive noise, including the wondrous whirring that emanates from these magnificent machines as they whiz on down the road.

8Video: Tesla Roadster competes in BMW CCA autocross event

Tesla Roadster competing in BMW CCA AutoX – Click above to watch video after the jump

AddWatch an electric BMW drag race a Tesla Roadster... and win

When most people grenade their engine, they either swap out a new one or strip their heartless car down for parts. Croatia's Mate Rimac is not most people.

17Video: Jay Leno's Garage revisits the Tesla Roadster

Tesla Roadster on Jay Leno's Garage, take 2.5 – Click above to watch video after the jump

31VIDEO: Tesla Roadster gets some screen time

click above image to view video

15VIDEO: OBVIO! 828 in action

Progress is steadily being made to bring the Brazilian-based OBVIO! mini cars to the U.S. through ZAP. The California-based automobile distributor that brought us the SMART fortwo before DaimlerChrysler itself has already prepurchased 50,000 units. And finally we can see the 828 in action in this video of the car tooling around an Orlando parking lot.

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