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    Official: Jaguar celebrates 20 years of XJ220

    What binds car enthusiasts to one another? A love for cars, certainly, but we'd argue there's a deeper psychological connection. Namely that we've never quite grown up, and don't really care to. We're all still the little boys we once were, hanging posters of our favorite supercars on the walls ...

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    Super-rare Jaguar XJ220S heading to Arizona auction

    With only 350 cars built, the Jaguar XJ220 is a collector's item, but some examples are rarer than others. Having relied heavily on Tom Walkinshaw Racing for the development of the XJ220 in the first place, Jaguar turned to the outfit when it came time to assess the possibility of a competition ...

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    Video: EVO pits 2012 Jaguar XKR-S vs. XJ220 at the 'Ring

    You may conjure up visions of luxury sedans and boulevard cruisers when you think of Jaguar, but the Leaping Cat marque has also made some wickedly fast sports cars over the years. Foremost among them is surely the XJ220, the all-out, world-conquering supercar Coventry produced in the early ...

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    New renderings of Jag's hush-hush supercar

    Will Jaguar's XJ220 supercar finally have a successor? Although Jaguar denies it, Auto Express thinks so, and we hope they're right. While rumors have suggested the return of the F-type as Tata's next project, Auto Express expects Jaguar to show an all-new mid-engine supercar concept within the ...

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    eBay Find of the Day: Jaguar XJ220 in LeMans Blue

    Click above for gallery of 1994 Jaguar XJ220 on eBay MotorsIt's hard to imagine Jaguar ever producing a supercar considering its current sad state of sales, but it did just that back in the early '90s when our walls were plastered with posters of the Ferrari F40, Lamborghini Diablo and this, the ...

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    Tuner Tuesday: Turning an XJ220 S into a Q-ship

    Winding Road was recently at a California exotic car dealer and spotted this rare Jaguar XJ220 S supercar. One of only nine made, this semi-race version of the big cat was redone by TWR to coax 680 hp and 527 ft-lbs. of torque from its turbocharged 3.5-liter V6. It also went on an extreme diet, ...

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    Barchetta: Jaguar designer creates the Andare Attivo electric boat

    Keith Helfet will forever be remembered for his masterpiece, the Jaguar XJ220 – one of the first supercars capable of 200-mph speeds and an elegant super-cat worthy of the Jaguar badge if ever there was one (to make no mention of the aborted Jaguar F-type concept.) But now the automotive ...

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    Reskinning a Cat: Sultan of Brunei's Jaguar XJ220 Pininfarina

    The Sultan of Brunei is our kind of monarch, having spent considerable sums of money from his country's vast oil revenues on his extensive car collection. Stories are told of special cars made just for him by the likes of Ferrari and Mercedes-AMG. The extent of his personal garage has remained a ...

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    eBay Find of the Day: Jaguar XJ220

    Remember the good old days when producing a supercar that could break 200 mph took effort and determination? It was a time when the Ferrari F40 could barely muster the momentum for a 201 mph top speed, while the Lamborghini Diablo crested the magic mark with a top speed of just 202 mph. Then came ...


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