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194NYPD Officer Saves Driver From Choking

Dashcam captures cop performing Heimlich maneuver

A New York police officer saved a driver from choking last week during a routine traffic stop.

343New York Cops Cause Car Accident, Then Arrest Victim

He's now suing the NYPD

A man is suing the NYPD after two officers hit a parked car he was sitting in last April, then blamed him for the accident and arrested him for damaging city property.

175Check out this sneaky NYPD cop car disguised as a yellow cab

That's no ordinary New York City yellow taxi in the image above; it's a police cruiser for the New York City Police Department dressed up like an NYC yellow taxi. Captured in a short video on a Manhattan street corner, it is escorting an NYPD van behind it.

52NYPD buys mobile surveillance vans to watch Sandy-hit neighborhoods

To keep an eye on some of the neighborhoods hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy, the New York City police department has acquired a small fleet of innovative surveillance vans. Built by TerraHawk, LLC of Dallas, Texas, the NYPD is using four Mobile Utility Surveillance Tower (MUST) vans to patrol some areas of the city that lost power. Animal New York says that the vehicles are being used in Staten Island, Far Rockaway, Coney Island, and Howard Beach.

74NYPD officer fired after ticketing dead people, blames quotas

A New York City Police Department officer has been fired for a ticket-writing scheme after 17 years on the force. According to The New York Post, Paul Pizzuto wrote summonses to drivers he'd ticketed in the past, some of whom had been deceased for years by the time the citations arrived in the mail. Pizzuto says he started writing the fake tickets after command told him he needed to start writing more on top of the 125 to 150 he was already issuing. Colleagues raised concerns when they realized

192Man accusses NYPD cops of joyriding in his car while he was jailed

A New York man is accusing the New York Police Department of taking his Mercedes-Benz CL Coupe for a spin while he was locked up in jail. The New York Post reports 25-year-old Rashad Lewis was taken into custody on the third of August after officers stopped him for running several red lights. After searching his car, police found 13 fraudulent credit cards. Both Rashad and his passenger, Gregg Humphreys, were charged with criminal possession of a forged instrument and booked in Manhattan. Rashad

189NYC cop whose foot was run over by Ferrari driver reportedly filing $10M lawsuit [w/video]

Remember the genius who tried to run over an NYPD officer that was writing ticket for said genius' illegally parked Ferrari? Said genius is being sued by said cop for $10 million.

278Ferrari 458 driver runs over cop's foot, jailarity ensues

If you've been part of the Autoblog family for any amount of time, you'll know we post some videos showcasing outrageous behavior. Still, it's been a while since we came across actions as willfully brainless as those in this video.

AddNYPD Buys 50 Chevy Volts For Use On The Streets

Looking at the photo above, you know the times they are a-changin'. We at TRANSLOGIC couldn't be more excited to see the famous Blue go green. The NYPD, along with the fire and sanitation departments, purchased 50 new Chevy Volts to join New York City's already 430-strong EV fleet.

30Video: New NYPD sirens add rumble to alert distracted pedestrians

The Rumbler: Coming to a Cop Car near you – Click above to watch video after the jump

AddNew York police to start patrolling in Nissan Altima hybrids

The New York Police Department has just put its first alternative drive vehicles into patrol service with the arrival of 40 new Nissan Altima Hybrids. The department has assigned 18 of the Altimas as marked patrol cars while the rest are on unmarked duty. The new cars are being deployed in various areas of the city where the hybrids could be most beneficial. Previously, the department only used hybrid vehicles for duties such as parking enforcement as well as 10 GMC Yukon hybrids used by duty ca

8NYPD tries silent running with four Vectrix electric scooters

The NYPD currently maintains a fleet of a few hundred gas-powered Piaggio and Yamaha scooters. As part of a trial program, they are going to try out some Vectrix electric scooters starting next month. The Vectrix scooters are heavier than the Piaggios and cost twice as much. They also only have a range of between 40 and 60 miles. However, they have a 60-MPH top speed, can be recharged in two hours at a wall outlet, and they are the first and only fully electric vehicles certified to travel on an

AddNYPD to test Vectrix electric scooters next month

The New York Police Department will road test four Vectrix electric scooters next month reports Newsday. Vectrix scooters have a range of 60 miles, a top speed of 60 MPH and, as Vectrix president Andrew MacGowen tells Newsday, his scooters are the first all-electric vehicles to be certified to travel on any highway, street or road.

73Yeah, it's got a HEMI: NYPD gets Dodge Chargers

New York City police commish Ray Kelly showed off a pair of brand new Dodge Charger police cars to the press yesterday in the Big Apple. NYPD ordered 15 Chargers for testing -- 10 HEMIs and 5 V6s, according to Allpar.com -- and indicated that the city would likely order hundereds more to add to its existing fleet of 3,000 police vehicles.

24Charger fitted for NYPD uniform

You may remember a post awhile back on the NYPD agreeing to buy a fleet of 15 Chargers, five V6 models and ten with the HEMI V8, for a pilot program set to commence this summer. Well here are snaps of the first one outfitted for duty mere moments after the decals were applied.

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