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Chrysler and tech giant will collaborate on 100 Pacifica hybrid minivans.

Google and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles confirmed a partnership Tuesday in which the two companies will collaborate on creating autonomous minivans.


Google's Chris Urmson interested in on-demand, autonomous minivans

Executives from Google and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles have held discussions about creating a technical partnership, the purpose of which would be to further development of self-driving vehicles, according to multiple reports. The two companies might make ideal partners.


Tech is at the center of most new cars, but it's still giving owners trouble.


Google has a patent for autonomous vehicles to detect the turn signals of other traffic on the road, which could increase driverless car safety.


NHTSA should require humans with access to a steering wheel, brake, and accelerator in autonomous vehicles, says group.

Consumer Watchdog pushes back against Google's request to fast-track autonomous driving rules.


Google is taking another step to broaden the test conditions for its autonomous vehicles by expanding to Phoenix, Arizona. The company is already creating high-def maps of the area.


Proposed legislation requires licensed drivers, contradicts federal guidance.

States across the country are looking at permitting testing of self-driving cars on their roads. But those enthusiastic efforts can often bring unexpected complications.


Though they're mostly services outside the US.

When you use Google Maps in iOS now, you may find a host of new ride hailing options to move you through big cities.


Waze is now alerting drivers in Boston, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Washington when they approach historically dangerous intersections.


John Krafcik, CEO of Google's autonomous program, sees bright future for performance cars.

Don't fret, car fanatics. Motorists who enjoy driving won't be idled in autonomous era, says Google's John Krafcik.


Reports indicate it's the latest Google Glass Enterprise Edition.

Tesla is using an augmented reality system, likely with the latest iteration of Google Glass, to improve EV manufacturing at its Fremont, CA, plant.


Senate asks industry about national testing facility, initial deployment, privacy and more.

Self-driving car executives and Congressional leaders alike warned this week that the lack of a cohesive national policy toward autonomous vehicles would hinder their development. But that wasn't their only concern.


Google is teaming up with a bunch of new providers and integrating their services into Google Maps. These are 99Taxis in Brazil, Ola Cabs in India, Hailo in the UK and Spain, mytaxi in Germany and Spain, and Gett in the UK.


Lack of legal cohesion is hindering the development of autonomous vehicles.

​Laws that govern self-driving car operations need to be consistent across the country, or else the United States could lose its status as a leader in autonomous development.


This patent may have been filed before the accident, but it was granted just after.

Google was granted a patent for bus detection on autonomous vehicles, which comes just weeks after one the company's driverless models hit a transit bus. The company filed for the patent well before the crash, though.


The bolder autonomous vehicles face bigger regulatory headaches, says a new report.

Manufacturers that choose to build self-driving cars that hew closely to the design of traditional vehicles will enjoy a ride in the fast lane, while manufacturers that push for more unconventional designs face roadblocks.


Nearly five months after Waze rolled out its 4.0 update to iOS users, the service is finally doing the same for Android.


Autonomous vehicle missed its opportunity to merge ahead of bus.

Officials with the Valley Transportation Authority have released video footage of a collision between one of its buses and a self-driving car operated by Google. The crash is the first in which the company's autonomous technology is at least partially at fault.


Google Street View allows us to see not only photos of certain gems on the planet, but provides new perspectives that only its cameras can capture. Here are some of the coolest places it covers.


Open up Google Maps in the browser and you'll notice that the yellow Pegman now looks like Link.


Autonomous-mode accident involving bus came shortly after software update.

An effort to make its self-driving cars behave more like human drivers may have contributed to a collision between one of Google's self-driving cars and a public-transit bus last month.

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