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A human driver ran a red light and hit Google's autonomous Lexus.

Google cites this accident as example of "why we're developing fully self-driving technology to make our roads safer."


Facility aims to help the company collaborate with automakers and suppliers.

Here's why it makes sense for Uber to focus on The Motor City.


There's got to be a better way to avoid traffic, right?


Flashing lights mean to pull over, Mr. Machine.

Autonomous cars need to know when to yield. Google has already thought of that.


Launching this fall, it'll be more about carpooling than on-demand trips.

Google thinks that Waze can be more than just a map app.


Can he turn Google's autonomous vehicle technology into a robotic ride-for-hire service?


Autonomous car expert says he's "ready for a fresh challenge."


Google Maps' multi-stop feature to the iOS app makes it easy to plan for road trips or even for a dreary day of running errands.


Google Maps shows you the hot spots.


Google's parent company Alphabet proposes that Columbus, Ohio, drop public transit in favor of ride sharing transport like Uber at discounted prices.


Will Amazon and Uber join Google in partnerships with Fiat for autonomous vehicles?


The Google car team has recently been teaching the car's AI when and how to honk the horn and give the human drivers on the road a helpful heads up.


Thanks to a 1971 law, New York is the only state in the country that requires drivers to keep at least one hand on the steering wheel while driving.


The car maker's R&D arm is close to signing a deal for not only Boston Dynamics, but also Google's Japanese robotics company, Schaft.


Autonomous minivan development will take place in Detroit suburbs.

Google is establishing a self-driving technology development center in Novi, Michigan.


"I'm mighty glad you stayed." – Lionel Richie


Google's car czar says its deal with FCA is limited to minivans.


Android Auto will soon run entirely on your phone while offering the same features as if it were connected to your dash.


The new Waze Rider app will allow 25,000 employees at select Bay Area companies to get a ride to work with over 700,000 local drivers.


You'll need a bachelor's degree, though.

If you're in Arizona, Google is hiring for a gig that could be a good alternative to doing Uber. The job entails test driving an autonomous car around the state for $20 an hour, six to eight hours a day.

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