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43Smart previews the biggest little city car you'll never drive

We are right on the precipice of the launch on an all-new generation of the Smart Fortwo in July. While the current one isn't exactly loved by US reviewers, the latest model rides on a fresh platform shared with the Renault Twingo in Europe. The company seems to be aiming for wider success this time with both two- and four-door versions on the way. In two new videos, the automaker cheekily shows us exactly what not to expect from its upcoming vehicle with a promo for its biggest city car ever.

20Smart previews new city cars in teaser clip

Smart has tried its darnedest to diversify. It introduced the Smart Roadster in 2003 and the Forfour in 2004. It even did the Crossblade speedster in 2002. But each of those has fallen by the wayside, leaving the Fortwo as its only product. But that's all about to change.

5Street Glory Mappers turning cars into dynamic billboards like this

A French marketing firm with the impenetrable name of Street Glory Mappers is literally turning cars into billboards. Of course, we've all seen vehicles painted up for promotional use, but this company is taking that concept even further by including video.

21New Smart Fortwo and Forfour teased in promo video

Smart is just about ready to launch the all-new generations of the Fortwo and Forfour. It might be hard to get excited for a car with such a mixed reputation, but the company has high expectations for the updated models. In a new video, Smart teases some nearly final prototypes during arctic testing in Sweden.

29Smart ForTwo owner misses point, swaps in big block V8

He's not actually a Smart ForTwo owner – he's a guy who built a custom chassis with a Chevrolet big block at the front that can fit a ForTwo body. And yes, there's almost nothing under that diminutive skin except a tube frame, an engine and a seat – the driver's helmet can't be more than a few hairs away from the back glass.

75Smart Fortwo's off-road chops on display in amusing ad from Cannes

After spending a few days with the recalcitrant mechanism that masquerades as a transmission in the Smart Fortwo, we can admit we've pondered all sorts of ways to prematurely end the car's life. An impromptu hardcore off-road excursion has figured prominently in at least one such scenario. Evidently the marketers behind Smart have entertained similar thoughts, or at least spent some time contemplating the old chestnut that goes something like, "Who makes the best off-roader? Hertz." After all, h

14Smart Electric Drive ad offers blockbuster treatment for tiny car

Drama, suspense, romance, horror – just about everything you might want from a great big-budget flick has been packed into this minute-long masterpiece from Smart (or its ad agency, anyway).

502013 Smart ForTwo gets three bite-size new ads

For such a Lilliputian car, the Smart ForTwo has giant staying power. The hatch that still gets wary glances is not only still kicking here in the U.S., it's done ten-straight months of year-on-year sales increases. That kind of sales trend calls for an ad campaign, and we have it in three new 15-second – bite-sized in Smart-speak – commercials.

22Japan unwraps chocolate Smart ForTwo for Valentine's Day

Chocolate Smart ForTwo by Q-Pot – Click above to watch the video after the jump

48Video: 19 teenage girls cram into Smart ForTwo for new world record

19 girls in a Smart Fortwo – Click above to watch the video after the break

21Video: Banned Smart ad sells using fear of back seats?

Smart ForTwo preys on your back-seat fears – Click above for video after the jump

54VIDEO: smart fortwo crash test leaks out of IIHS

The IIHS has put the 2008 smart fortwo through its frontal offset crash test, and the video is on YouTube even though the IIHS hasn't released its results yet. For everyone who points out the benefits of the smart's miniscule size, there are a number of others who say they wouldn't want to go up against a normal American car in a smart. Even the NHTSA had some concerns when it tested the fortwo's crashworthiness. Based on the video after the jump, however, it looks like the smart acquits itself

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