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New Car Sales

It's a good time to be in the market for a new car in June, 2015. Whether you're shopping for an inexpensive sedan, a luxury coupe, a sport utility vehicle for your whole family or a pickup truck to get some work done, you won't have a hard time finding a good deal this month.

Using data provided by, we've compiled a list of the 10 best new car deals for June. Whether you want to lease for the lowest payment possible or have the cash to buy outright, you'll be able to find a good deal this month.

If you're in the market for a new car, click through this list to find out which models offer the best bang for the buck. These deals won't last forever.
2015 Subaru Forester in silver

Best Lease Deals: June 2015

If you're in the market for a new car, chances are you wondering if you should lease or buy. To help you make the best decision for your own personal finances, we've assembled the best lease deals for June, 2015, right here in this list.

Scroll to the next slide to see great finance deals if you'd rather own than lease.

2015 Chevy Volt in white

Best Finance Deals: June 2015

Automakers often sell their cars with attractive interest rates to help discount monthly payments for new car buyers on a budget. In many cases, these offers are as low as zero-percent, and they can lower payments by spreading the cost over a number of years.

If you'd rather buy than lease, we've assembled the best finance deals for the month of June, 2015, right here.

2015 Ford Fusion in red

Best Customer Cash Deals: June 2015

Cash-back offers are a popular way for automakers and dealers to entice new car shoppers to opt for their vehicles over others.

Cash deals are pretty simple to understand: The dealer generally takes the advertised cash amount off of the final agreed upon price of the car. Think of a cash-back offer as a coupon worth a few hundred or thousand dollars.

If you have the cash to buy a new car outright, we've assembled a list of the best customer cash-back offers for the month of June, 2015, right here.

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      • 10 Days Ago

      Where are the tips? This is just more AOL BS!

        • 10 Days Ago

        I agree................BS..............I am looking for information on how to lower Car pricing and all I see

        is comments..................Crap !

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          • 1 Day Ago

          ask to see invoice, you want to get as close to the invoice price as possible if not lower...they don't show u, walk....

        • 8 Days Ago

        That lead-in tease is almost exactly the same as this month's Popular Mechanics blog. 

         Maybe the link was SUPPOSED to go there?

      • 10 Days Ago

      If we had the money to buy a car for cash - we wouldn't be looking up your non-existent tips to save money!!!

      • 10 Days Ago

      Where are the tips?

      • 10 Days Ago

      usual BS to get us to see their stinking ads...they should choke.

      john smith
      • 10 Days Ago

      the simplest  way to bring the prices down is just don't buy one...........

        • 10 Days Ago
        @john smith

        Agreed. I have never had a car payment in my life. 

      • 10 Days Ago

      "Tips your salesperson doesn't want you to know"

      Apparently, AOL doesn't want you to know them either!

        JO JO FRK
        • 1 Day Ago


        WAKE UP PEOPLE!!

      • 10 Days Ago

      Once again I have been SUCKERED into believing that AOL would actually put the Tips / content of the story once you click over. Instead its unrelated and ADS.. WAY TO GO AOL! Nothing like trying to keep your customer's  HAPPY.  

      • 10 Days Ago

      Another "car expert" article by someone who uses a bicycle for transportation.

        • 1 Day Ago

        What is wrong with a bicycle?  I rode a recumbent bicycle for ten years, back & forth to work...16 miles one way.  I believe if every one rode a bike once a week for one reason or another, there would be a lot less overweight people all over the US, the auto insurance rates might take a small dive, drivers would have a lot more respect for bicycle riders and there would be less pollution.  There are at least 100 more reasons but I don't want to bore a person like you with that notion.  You are probably narrow of mind or overweight or one of those road rage people who thinks the road is their own!

          Joan Unger
          • 17 Hours Ago

           Wow... a comment regarding a bicycle does not deserve  a diatribe  regarding the weight  or intelligence of the writer.   This  complaint was, as were others, that this was an ad driven ruse, not a helpful tip list.. May you continue to ride your bike safely, but please, don't assume things regarding others. No one made any derogatory comments to you or your bike!

      • 1 Month Ago

      Very disappointing ploy.  Where is the link to the "Best Finance Deals"?  Last time I click on an AutoBlog post!!

      • 10 Days Ago

      If you use be positive you want to buy a vehicle because they want your phone number, and from my recent experience with it you will get calls from many dealers for at least two months. If you are just researching for the best price offer you want to give, then put in a phony phone number. The sales staff get paid by selling cars so you cannot blame them for calling you, and the dealers should get a fair profit. Most of the salespeople were very professional I have to admit. I ended up buying a pre-owned CUV at a 72 hour sale in the Phoenix area and got exactly what I wanted for 15,500 minus 1,500 trade in on 2000 Honda Accord with 204k miles still running as new for a net of 14,000 + taxes. They gave me the Carfax and the prior lady owner had bought it there and they'd serviced it there since new, they showed me every service ticket since it was new, she'd traded it in for a new model of the same CUV. Use, and and write it all down and carry with when you step onto the dealership floor.

      Make them and offer, and if they start upping the price, say you have an appt. and another dealership and need to be there in an hour, and leave. They will call you back or try to work with you. When you go into the Finance Office know exactly what you'll pay for and not one penny more. Remember their $800.00 custom alarm can be bought at any car audio shop for $200.00, get it tinted your self, and never pay for clearcoat or undercoating. Treat them with respect it's their job to sell, you can always leave if you get a lemon of a saleperson. Our salesman Mike was excellent.

        • 10 Days Ago

        Who would want to ride in a Anti-American vehicle and support some other country besides the country that supports them..."America YOU SHOULD MOVE TO THE COUNTRY THAT YOU SUPPORT.

          JO JO FRK
          • 1 Day Ago

          WELL SAID, @BETO.   

          • 2 Days Ago

          No car is totally manufactured in America anymore, you moron. And I mean parts, assembly and all.

      • 1 Month Ago

      There's no actual link to the list, nor any list whatsoever in this article.

      Nice clickbait article autoblog.

      • 10 Days Ago

      the tips disappear from view and we can only see "The Best New car Deals" post instead..

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