Jaguar XF

Generally speaking, I don't get too upset about the growing need to replace displacement in modern cars. Sure, there are exceptions (don't you touch my 6.2-liter AMG V8), but honestly, the industry's new forced induction powertrains are all lovely, and their gains in fuel economy – when they…

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2015 Jaguar XF
MSRP: $50,175 - $99,000
2014 Jaguar XF
MSRP: $46,975 - $99,000
2013 Jaguar XF
MSRP: $46,975 - $99,000
2012 Jaguar XF
MSRP: $53,000 - $82,000
2011 Jaguar XF
MSRP: $52,500 - $79,600
Watch new Jaguar XF perform a literal high-wire act

Most automakers undertake a bit of a high-wire act to launch a pivotal new product, but to introduce the new XF, Jaguar staged an actual one... and set a new world record in the process.
Jaguar takes evolutionary approach for 2016 XF [w/videos]

Jaguar has released a slew of images and details on the second-generation XF ahead of its official debut at next week's New York Auto Show.
Jaguar previews XF sedan ahead of New York debut

Jaguar is set to reveal the new XF sedan at the 2015 New York Auto Show and on a high-wire in London. Here's a preview of what the luxury four-door will look like.

For Sale

2013 Jaguar XF
$39,995 / 31,102 miles / NY
2013 Jaguar XF
$37,995 / 10,113 miles / NY
2012 Jaguar XF
$31,995 / 41,246 miles / NY
"The steering is light but there is reasonable feel, and it's accurate and responsive. Plus you get enough clues through the seat as to what the Jag is up to, which, from mid-corner onwards, is whatever you want it to do.
Madison Jaguar
275 Main St Madison, NJ 07940 14.83 miles
Manhattan Automobile Company
787 11th Avenue New York, NY 10019 21.33 miles
Manhattan Jaguar/NYC
787 11th Ave New York, NY 10019 21.36 miles