Jaguar XF

Generally speaking, I don't get too upset about the growing need to replace displacement in modern cars. Sure, there are exceptions (don't you touch my 6.2-liter AMG V8), but honestly, the industry's new forced induction powertrains are all lovely, and their gains in fuel economy – when they...

- Reviewed by Steven J. Ewing


2015 Jaguar XF
MSRP: $50,175 - $99,000
2014 Jaguar XF
MSRP: $46,975 - $99,000
2013 Jaguar XF
MSRP: $46,975 - $99,000
2012 Jaguar XF
MSRP: $53,000 - $82,000
2011 Jaguar XF
MSRP: $52,500 - $79,600
Jaguar recalls 7k F-Types for two seperate issues with electrical system

Jaguar is the latest automaker to join in on the recall action from this morning, as the British automaker has announced steps it's taking to remedy two separate problems.
Jaguar gets to work on next-gen XF sedan

With the XE now out in the open, Jaguar can begin to focus on what comes next. That means a new crossover, but also replacements for some of its aging current models – chief among them, the XF. Introduced back in 2007, Jaguar's mid-range sedan is growing a little long in the tooth. But from these latest spy shots, we can see that the British automaker is hard at work developing its successor.
Jaguar Land Rover calls in handful of vehicles over suspension bolts

With most recalls seemingly affecting mass-market vehicles, it'd be all too easy to assume, consciously or otherwise, that higher-end automobiles never face such issues. But the main reason we don't see the NHTSA recalling more luxury automobiles isn't because of their quality, we'd postulate: it's because of their relative scarcity.

For Sale

2015 Jaguar XF
$62,941 / 12 miles / NJ
2015 Jaguar XF
$63,041 / unknown miles / NJ
2014 Jaguar XF
$49,900 / 4,793 miles / NJ
"The steering is light but there is reasonable feel, and it's accurate and responsive. Plus you get enough clues through the seat as to what the Jag is up to, which, from mid-corner onwards, is whatever you want it to do.
Jaguar Construction
115 Industrial Loop Staten Island, 10309 2.9 miles
Jaguar Travel Group Corp
1967 State Route 27 Edison, 8817 6.2 miles