2004 HUMMER H2
MSRP: $49,180 - $49,395
2003 HUMMER H2
MSRP: $48,455 - $48,455
10,000 hydrogen cars planned for US northeast

2015 Hydrogen And Fuel Cell Development Plans Outline The Map

2015 Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Development Plans for eight Northeast states says that the region will have 10,800 fuel cell cars by, we think, 2025.
California figures out how to charge for hydrogen by the kilogram

After passing "a rigorous state performance evaluation," the hydrogen refueling station and research center at Cal State University Los Angeles has become the first station in Southern California allowed to sell hydrogen by the kilogram. Every other station that charges can only charge a fixed amount per tank, regardless of the amount dispensed.
Underground hydrogen infrastructure could lower costs


There's a huge international infrastructure dedicated to putting gasoline and diesel fuel into our cars. A nationwide infrastructure for electric vehicles also exists, even if it could be beefed up a bit in some areas. But when it comes to hydrogen cars, the infrastructure hows and wheres and whats don't have complete answers yet. Sandia National Lab says maybe we should be looking underground.

For Sale

2006 Hummer H2
$24,995 / 94,189 miles / VA
2003 Hummer H2
$16,986 / 127,063 miles / VA
2004 Hummer H2
$15,000 / 110,781 miles / VA