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Windshield fogging up every morning? In this short video, we show you how to prevent it with just a bit of shaving cream and some elbow grease.


Kids make a mess coloring in the back of the van? In this short video, we show you how to clean it up with just a bit of heat from an iron and a plain white sheet of paper.


The interior of our cars can get dirty pretty quickly. Aside from looking unsightly, dust, pollen, and even mold can grow without regular cleaning. Here is the proper technique for a quick, yet through interior vacuum.


1967 Firebird Prius is a most unexpected muscle car conversion.

An engineer looked at his 1967 Pontiac Firebird and decided to put a Toyota Prius V inside.


Commuters love their coffee. That's why you'll find coffee stains in almost every car. Find out how to clean coffee stains on this episode of Autoblog Details.


Skip the 'check engine' blues with FIXD Car Health Monitor.

FIXD on­board diagnostics keeps a detailed log of your car's health, and alerts you on your smartphone with maintenance requirements.


Removing car emblems is another way to customize your car, but how do you do it with the best chance of success? Find out today on this episode of Autoblog Details.


Car stickers seemed like a good idea at the time, but now it's time to remove them for a sleeker look. Here's how.


Learn about the most common repairs for Nissan Maxima and Subaru Legacy sedans.


A Mustang GT burned to the ground during pre-stage at a Houston area drag strip when a small underhood fire broke out and quickly blazed out of control.


Almost every car on the road has some type of swirls or fine scratches in the paint. Here's how to wash and dry your car's paint properly to avoid these marks.


This spray-on ice repellant developed at the University of Michigan could banish the scraper from your windshield.


Deep scratches in your car's paint are annoying to look at, expensive to repaint, and open up your paint to future rust problems if left untreated. We walk through the steps to cosmetically repair that deep scratch.


With water restrictions and conservation around the world, waterless or rinseless car washes have become more popular. But is it safe and do they cause scratches in your paint? Find out on this episode of Autoblog Details.


Tony Posawatz joins Envision Solar board

Bjørn Nyland lists his numerous Tesla Model S repairs. Former Fisker CEO joins Envision Solar's Board of Directors. Ford joins the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition.


A poor Bluetooth pairing procedure is not the same as a blown engine.

JD Power's 2016 Vehicle Dependability Study suggests that cars are getting less reliable. Here's the problem: That's not true.

A familiar face retains the top spot.

The 2016 JD Power Vehicle Dependability Study finds auto reliability getting slightly worse, and a perennial winner is at the top again this year.


Regular washing and detailing is an important part of automotive care. An Australian woman took her car's cleanliness a little too seriously last week, and video of her efforts has gone viral. On February 19, Sam Bajram of Perth, Australia, was waiting in line to use a self-serve car wash when he noticed something unusual going on in the bay ahead of him. A woman was using the foaming brush to vigorously scrub the interior of her car. As she soaked down her interior with soap and water, Bajram t


Headlight lenses getting hazy? In this short video, we show you how to clean them with a dab of something from the medicine cabinet.


Steam cleaners can be a helpful tool in the battle to keep your car clean. Here's how to put a steam cleaner to use when working on your car.


You can still transfer your Model S or X service contract, despite what the website says.

An error on Tesla's website showed that customers could no longer transfer the company's service agreements to new owners. However, this is not actually the case.

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