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He will be the third brand design chief to leave in two years.


King County, WA, is buying 120 electric buses.

Tesla gets new VP and Director courtesy of Apple. Tesla will expand existing Superchargers. King County, WA buys a lot of electric buses.


Fees may boost Indiana road-repair revenue by $2 million a year.

Indiana would join 10 other states that impose fees specifically for plug-in vehicles to make up for lost revenue from less gasoline taxes.


Eighteen years of competing in the American cruiser market comes to an end.

After 18 years of building cruisers in the USA, Victory Motorcycles is pulling into the garage and putting down its kickstand for the final time.


The state's three showrooms had shut down Jan. 1 due to court decision.

Court ruled last week that Tesla would lose its sales license in Missouri after lobbying effort from dealership trade group.


Model X driver says SUV has higher acceleration-accident rate.

California-based automaker says vehicle data indicates driver error in SUV plowing through the back of a garage.


Tesla, BYD will benefit if charging-time mandate removed

Country's rule necessitating 10-hour maximum charging time may be eliminated next year.


EV shift will cost jobs at Continental.

China gets American EV luxury. Oregon utilities are promoting EVs by building chargers. Some job losses will be offset by new positions at Continental.


It's a fast-forward revolving door at FF.

The first production FF model is scheduled to be unveiled at CES in just a few days.


Green Commuter EV carsharing expands to Chatanooga.

Are these the seats over which Faraday Future was sued? Nissan Leaf carsharing comes to Chattanooga. Acciona EV competes in Dakar Rally for third year.


Bankruptcy rumors, and now two high-profile departures?

We're not sure what's going on, but one thing's for sure: it ain't good.


And it's all Nico Rosberg's fault.

Can we get a "Good Guy Massa" meme, please?


Job one for Bell is to reverse Tesla's reputation for disappointing interiors.

Volvo to Tesla? We wonder what role the NorCal weather played.


Renault names new EV chief.

How much capacity is actually in your Tesla's battery? Opel says Norway is a unique market for Ampera-e pricing. There's a new EV boss at Renault.


African countries demand cleaner diesel; Famr Bureau members get $500 off the Chevy Bolt.

Was Tesla's in-house chip rumor just confirmed? Tesla is adding a lot of Gigafactory jobs. Five African countries will refuse dirtier diesel. Farm Bureau members save on the Bolt.


A special interview with Zak Brown.

Our friend and notable motorsport journalist Marshall Pruett recorded this one-on-one interview with the Brown.


We don't know how many jobs will be lost in North America yet.

Volkswagen's way forward lies in electric vehicles and mobility services, and these segments will be boosted by 9,000 new jobs in Germany.


Despite contesting the decision, Dennis was ousted by the other shareholders.

Dennis retains a 25-percent ownership stake in McLaren, pledging to protect the company's employees.


But $900m will be pouring into three other GM plants.

The plans affect GM's plant in Lansing, MI and Lordstown, OH.

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