BMW i3

We can only imagine the challenges BMW is going to have explaining the i3 electric vehicle to the world. It's got a new powertain (all-electric, with optional range extender), a new production method (carbon fiber reinforced plastic!), a new brand (the 'i' line) and a new vehicle type (it's a city...

- Reviewed by Sebastian Blanco


2015 BMW i3
MSRP: $42,400 - $46,250
2014 BMW i3
MSRP: $41,350 - $45,200
Rinspeed issues its Budii call for Geneva [w/video]

Rinspeed has once again brought together a coalition of suppliers to create something unique for the Geneva Motor Show, this time based on the BMW i3 and packed with autonomous tech.
BMW: Newfangled Idea

BMW i3 Super Bowl Commercial

BMW dipped into the Today Show's archives for its Super Bowl ad, featuring a bewildered Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel and their impressions of the new i3.
BMW increases i3 price by $1,075 for 2015

The price of the BMW i3 goes up by a total of $1,075 to account for more standard equipment and a slightly higher destination charge.

For Sale

2014 BMW i3
$54,500 / 6 miles / WA
2014 BMW i3
$55,050 / 12 miles / WA
2014 BMW i3
$48,200 / 12 miles / WA
"There's no appreciable feedback from the (of course) electric power steering, but it is nonetheless very quick and precise. On our first pass through a tight slalom course, we clipped two cones because we were unprepared for the i3's quick turn-in behavior.
BMW Seattle
714 Pine St Seattle, 32565 0.1 miles
BMW Seattle
714 E Pike St Seattle, 32586 0.5 miles
BMW Seattle
1002 Airport Way S Seattle, 32598 1.2 miles