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Found this under my car. What is it?
Found this under my car in the driveway. Should I be concerned? Looks like it might be important. ![something.jpg](/car-questions/attachments/14)
How to access if a used Jetta SE 5cyl has had any recalls that have been repaired and closed and fair purchase cost for used Jetta SE PZEV 2011
How to access if a used Jetta SE 5cyl has had any recalls that have been repaired and closed and fair purchase cost for used wigglytush Sep 09, 2016 I know the sites to find out if there are recalls open on the used 2011 VW. Yet if the report states 0 open recalls this can also indicate they had a recall on the car and it was repaired. Car fax nor the NHTSA include this.....I am concerned about the recalls and when or if any were done in the past. I may purchase this car for my son whom is a college student first time car owner. I want the experience to be positiveCar seems to be in great condition but includes a vague description of a rear collision with 0$ damage. Not sure if the car was rear ended or if the car hit another in the rear. Other than that it has 44,500 miles for 11595.00 purchase cost. Leather interior and no wear visible externally or within. Is this to good to be true?
Power Issues 2001 Lincoln Continental
I get no power to the windows, drivers seat, mirrors, door locks, trunk release and all the fuses under dash are good. Anyone seen this before?
How do I replace the tail-light on my 2015 Honda Accord?
My poor Honda Accord’s tail-light went out yesterday and I need to replace it, but I can’t find any good information on how to do so. I don’t even know what kind of bulb to buy! Can someone help? Videos and/or pictures would be a huge help.
DIY Repairs and Maintenance
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We'll teach you how to quickly and easily change a dome light.


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Electric vehicle fans don't do boundaries.

To paraphrase Jeff Goldblum's character in Jurassic Park, "Tesla fans will find a way."


Holiday deals for car enthusiasts.

The best deals this holiday season.


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Charge your car without having to attach jumper cables to another vehicle

This is an essential for any car owner.


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Dog bites man isn't much of a headline. Dog bites car, though? That's got some legs.

A Turkish mechanic got a nasty surprise earlier this month when he discovered that wild dogs had vandalized his car.


Snapsheet aims to help insurance providers process claims more quickly, get their customers paid as soon as possible and back in safe, repaired vehicles.


Here's how to apply tire dressing for a high-shine finish in a way that will help you avoid dreaded tire sling.


Here you can find out the process for properly changing your oil and filter yourself.


We love dogs, but removing their hair from our cars can be a bit of pain. Here are a few quick tricks to make pet hair removal much easier.


As cars become bigger and more expensive, so too have our wheels. Keeping them clean and protected takes a few extra steps, but is well worth the effort. Find out how its done on Autoblog Details.


The clay bar is a fantastic tool for removing embedded contaminants in your paint. How often should you clay your paint and what are the best steps to do it properly? Find out today on this episode of Autoblog Details.


Dirty and faded trim is not only an eye sore, but can be a challenge to keep clean and a nightmare to restore once stained. Today we are going walk you the steps of how to maintain black exterior plastic on this episode of Autoblog Details.


The FIXD Active Car Health Monitor tells you when something is wrong with your vehicle—and how to fix it, too.

This compact device keeps tabs on your car's health, so you don't have to.


Electrical components in your vehicle are extra sensitive to aggressive cleaning products and excessive liquid being used, especially on touchscreen displays found on many of today's vehicles. Find out how to clean and maintain those sensitive components on this episode of Autoblog Details.


It's a small market, sure, but we're glad vintage supercars are still getting attention.

Not being able to get tires for your supercar is the ultimate first-world problem.

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