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Acura's Best Is Still Tough To Beat Acura has been a bit of an enigma of late. Honda's premium marque has endured its share of struggles, with new entries like the ZDX and more established models like the RL falling short of buyers' expectations. Even the mighty TL, which has been Acura's…

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2014 Acura TL
MSRP: $36,030 - $39,580
2013 Acura TL
MSRP: $35,905 - $39,455
2012 Acura TL
MSRP: $35,705 - $39,255
2011 Acura TL
MSRP: $35,305 - $38,855
2010 Acura TL
MSRP: $35,105 - $38,655
Honda expands Takata airbag recall to 5.4M units in the US

While Honda already announced plans to take its front driver's side Takata airbag inflator recall nationwide, the automaker has now officially reported on the number of affected vehicles and the specific models in need of repair. The expanded campaign covers an estimated 5.4 million units across the US, including those already being fixed under the previous regional actions. That number is an expansion of the five million units initially reported by NHTSA.
Acura TLX's early sales results look promising

Acura made a bold move earlier this year when it decided to axe two fairly popular models in the TL and TSX and replaced them with a single sedan: the TLX. After all, how often have you seen modern automakers consolidating vehicles in the lineup? But early indications have shown that the gamble might have paid off, at least so far, because the TLX has been outselling its predecessors for its first months on sale.
The cars that won't live to see 2015 [w/video] [UPDATE]

Every year in the fast-paced automotive industry brings new models, but it also spells the end for some that have been less successful. This year will be no exception.

For Sale

2008 Acura TL
$10,990 / 135,112 miles / NY
2012 Acura TL
$22,999 / 31,097 miles / NY
2009 Acura TL
$15,977 / 49,721 miles / NY
"The TL is at its best for those who want to pair that luxury-sedan cabin with an impressive tech feature set.
Carmen's Honda & Acura Service
48 North Ave E Cranford, 7016 6.8 miles
Acura Authorized Sales Leasing Service and Parts
243 Us Highway 22 Springfield, 7081 8.9 miles
Acura of Springfield Authorized Sales Leasing Serv
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