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Fierce winter weather caused people to rethink the kind... Fierce winter weather caused people to rethink the kinds of vehicles they buy (AP).
The harsh winter, during which many areas of the United States saw temperatures dip well below zero degrees, changed car shopping preferences, according to a new study from Swapalease.com, with utility vehicles replacing certain other car segments as a popular choice in several locations.

"While it makes sense to see the winter elements encourage a shift to larger utility-type vehicles, the most recent winters did not have this effect on shopping patterns," said Scot Hall, Executive Vice President of Swapalease.com. "However, a consistent wave of arctic-type conditions may have contributed to this winter's shift in shopping preferences in many parts of the country."

Midsize sedans remained the most popular segment for consumers, but utility vehicles saw big spikes in interest over the course of this frosty winter. About fourteen percent of car shoppers preferred midsize crossovers (up from 9.2 percent last winter), 13.2 percent preferred full-size crossovers (up from 7.5 percent) and 11.8 percent preferred midsize SUVs (up from 6.9%).

Compact crossovers and SUVs, as well as entry level cars were noticeable exclusions from this winter's most-preferred list.

Below are the most-shopped types of cars from winter 2014, according to Swapalease, and the corresponding percent of car shoppers that opted for a particular segment.

Upper midsize car (14.3 percent)

Midsize crossover (14.1 percent)

Full-size crossover (13.2 percent)

Midsize SUV (11.8 percent)

Entry midsize car (9.4 percent)

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      I make $0 hourly surfing the net at home.
      john smith
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      wait till these new truck buyers find out a complete brake job on most cars and trucks now costs $1200- $2000 dollars at Chevrolet dealers,ntb,goodyear gemeni firestone repair shops. depending on the day of the week you call them and what type of vehicle you own.........but the parts(outside rubber hoses ,calipers,pads,and rotors) only cost 600 to do all four wheels(with $120-$140 core charge refund when the cores are returned).......which means they are now charging $150 per hour plus for labor and misc shop fees..... : )
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      Now all the same hateful folks from the North East think they need the "gas hog" 4x4 pickups and SUVs they condemned those in the Mountain West for owning. The Mountain West faces weather like this every year, and you don't hear them whining like little girls. Pathetic hypocritical urban liberals...............