Porsche 918 Spyder on the Nürburgring

That the Nürburgring is in trouble should come as no surprise. The famed German circuit went bankrupt over a year ago, although it has remained open while the government bodies that own it have entertained bids from prospective new owners. That didn't seem to be going anywhere, particularly considering the massive debt which the circuit (and activities surrounding it) have accrued, but the latest reports suggest that one of Germany's major automakers could come to the rescue.

Although there is no intel on which carmaker – Daimler, BMW or the Volkswagen Group – might be most interested, whichever company would step up would be required to keep it open to both the public and other automakers, many of which use the 13-mile Nordschleife and its 73 varying corners as a test track.

The move would not be unprecedented, as many world-class racing circuits are owned by automakers. Suzuka and Motegi belong to Honda, Fuji to Toyota, Ferrari owns Mugello and the Nardo test track in Italy was recently bought by Porsche, to name just a few.

ADAC (Germany's automobile club) is also said to be a potential bidder on the complex, which includes the Norschleife, the grand prix circuit and a motorsport-themed amusement park whose opening has been delayed for four years now.