Next-Generation Toyota Harrier/Lexus RX front three-quarter

Japanese site CarWatch has revealed images of the next-generation Toyota Harrier, known to US and European buyers as the Lexus RX. The new model features a considerably more aggressive fascia in keeping with some of the latest Lexus design trends, while the back features a pair of wide, wraparound taillights.

The profile features a revised greenhouse, with a rather complex rear window treatment, while a subtle character line connects the front and rear taillights. According to the badging, the model shown features a hybrid powertrain, although there's little information on which engine is being used. We'd wager it's an evolution of the same 3.5-liter V6 hybrid found in the current RX450h.

This early look doesn't have a great deal of other info, and there are no images of the interior. We're not yet clear on how closely the North American RX will adhere to the Harrier seen here, but historically the two models have been quite close. That said, we'd expect a more prominent 'spindle' grille on the Lexus version than the baleen strainer on the vehicle shown here.

A page on Toyota's Japanese website says the new Harrier/RX will receive a winter 2013 debut. That makes for a difficult determination of what auto show the new CUV will arrive at. Both the 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show and 2013 Tokyo Motor Show (not to be confused with the Tokyo Auto Salon) take place at the end of November, but neither is technically a winter show.