2011 Nissan Xterra

Nissan has good news for anyone weeping about the fact that the 2013 Pathfinder has abandoned its body-on-frame ways. The company isn't completely ditching legitimate SUVs for the crossover crowd. According to Car and Driver, the Nissan Xterra will continue to shun a unibody design for the conceivable future. The magazine spoke with engineers familiar with the development of the Xterra who said the vehicle will share its DNA with the Nissan Frontier for years to come.

That means buyers will still be able to enjoy the vehicle's truckish charm and legitimate off-road chops. Those who want something a little softer or smaller can turn to the automaker's Rogue, while the 2013 Pathfinder will now offer mall-goers a suitable alternative to the Ford Explorer. The times may be changing, but for now, the Xterra isn't.