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In recent years, Ford and Dodge have produced limited-edition, drag-race-only models built to compete in various NHRA classes. Both automakers have amped up their programs for 2011, with Ford releasing the revised Mustang Cobra Jet and Dodge unveiling its V10-powered Challenger Drag Pak at SEMA last November.

Will Chevrolet join the party? While General Motors hasn't hinted that it will, its competition at Ford Racing appears to know otherwise. In an interview regarding the Cobra Jet, Ford Racing's drag racing competition manager, Jesse Kershaw, hinted at a new Camaro built for drag racing:

"Some people revel in competition and some people don't like the competition, but what is really interesting is that we're seeing a resurgence of the muscle car wars from the late '60s. So we see where the competition like Dodge has produced a Challenger to compete with us, and now they've had to step up their ante with a V10 version. We know that General Motors is on track to release a Camaro version. I think that the NHRA fans as well as the racers themselves are very excited to get out there and have this new era of horsepower war."

Both Ford and Dodge unveiled their purpose-built drag racers at SEMA, so we'll have our eyes and ears open for any potential news from GM come November.

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[Source: Ford Racing TV]

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 4 Years Ago
      Five bux says it'll use the LS7 or the LS9.
        • 4 Years Ago
        If it gets the LS7, it'll be underpowered compared to the Challenger and Mustang.
      • 4 Years Ago
      This car is way to heavy to be a factory street racer. It's the fatter of the three. I give these 3 cars 3 more years and they will be gone forever.
        • 4 Years Ago

        The only way I see a Camaro coupe getting anywhere near that number is with an auto, sunroof, full tank of gas and some cargo in the trunk.

        Here are the curb weights "As tested" from the edmunds comparison test.

        Camaro SS (LS3): 3857
        Challenger RT: 4,055
        • 4 Years Ago
        Jimmy, Ive seen them on the scales at the track. The Camaro SS is a 4100lb car.
        • 4 Years Ago
        Um wrong. The Challenger is the fatter one. 4,100 lbs compared to the 3,900lbs from the Camaro.

        Just to show you that it's possible to lose all that weight...

        MOPAR removed 1,000lbs from the Challenger with the Drag Pak, that's including the V10 in the car.
        • 4 Years Ago
        V8 Challenger and Camaro's both weigh 4100. The V6 Challenger is 3700/3800 and the Camaro is 3900.

        Yes, the V6 Camaro is heavier than the V6 Challenger.
        • 4 Years Ago

        The Camaro coupe does not weigh 4100. Last time I checked it was 3900 or so with the ayto/L99 and in the high 3800's with the stick/LS3.

        While I have heard that the Challenger and Camaro V6 models weigh about the same I was under the impression that it was around 3650-3700 and not 3900.
      • 4 Years Ago
      I thought they offer already a "white body" shell for racers only?
        • 4 Years Ago
        The body-in-white is just an empty shell. The CJ and Challenger Drag Pak are turnkey cars.
      • 4 Years Ago
      Nice to see the Pony car wars heating up.
      • 4 Years Ago
      Have you ever heard of advertising. This is the ultimate advertising for all three companies. I, for one, am glad to see the three back at it as NASCAR has dumbed down the concept of competition and, ergo, advertising through competition.
      • 4 Years Ago
      What are they gonna call it, the Drag-maro?
        • 4 Years Ago
        Should call it the RS SS in my opinion.
      • 4 Years Ago
      Chevy only has to stuff a big block 572 into a camaro to rule.

      Or a Merlin 632 with over 800hp.
        • 4 Years Ago
        It'll have neither. It's going to be powered by a production-based engine that are used in their production cars. So either the LSA or LS9.
      • 4 Years Ago
      They are pulling a Pro Stock Camaro body out of the plug soon for GM's approval and NHRA approval. That is the next big Camaro race car that we may see next year. The race only stock body package will come and go with little notice like the Dodge and Cobra Jet.

      There are some unnamed pro stock teams and one chassis builder wanting to use the CTS V Coupe body as it is similar to the GXP G6 and has very good aero ability. They are looking for the blessing of GM to try it along with the Camaro.

      The drag only cars are really just a blip on the map.

      The next real big Camaro news will be the new Z/28 street/track package. we will see next year. This is one for the masses.
        • 4 Years Ago
        Just read the story and it explains that it is only the builder and a few others that have an interest in this. They will only do it with GM's blessing.

        The key here is the car is similar in shape to the GXP. They like the GXP and want to keep the advantages they have with a already good body and sorted car.

        The Camaro is coming and there are a lot of questions about it. There have been issues with the rear roof pillar that need worked out with changes that the NHRA have to approve. As of now some are not real excited about moving to the Camaro body as there are questions of aero and what the NHRA will permit them to change to improve it.

        Yes it is about marketing cars but only when the MFG is paying the money to do so. GM pulled out last year and has only given limited help since. Do you really think GM wants to promote a Pontiac G6 a car no longer in production nor even from a division not even in buisness. I find it a little awkward for GM to still have a car on the track from a Division they just killed, talk about salt in the wounds.

        The fact is the teams are running Pontiacs as they have a ton of money invested in their engine programs and the Cobalt and G6 are the only cars permited to use the GM engines.

        Since GM is not paying their bills they can chose to run GM engines in what they want as long as GM says ok and NHRA approves it. The key for these teams right now without GM's money is to win races not market cars. So right now if they want to run a GM engine they have to run an old car and if they can find a body style that can give them an advantage they will seek to use it. That is unless GM gives them the money like they used to to run what they want to promote.

        Right now you really have little to choose from at the GM camp. Just look at what coupes that are left. We will get more coupes in the future but the real issue is they need a car now. I see the CTS only as a bridge to carry them till a more suitable car is ready. The new Camaro will be here in 2015 and my make a better 214+ MPH race car on than the present body.

        I think the real key will be what changes the NHRA will let them do to the Camaro. It needs help as it was concieved as a show car not a Pro Stock racer. The other key is when Chevy comes back in who will they support and how much are they going to pay. These guys want to win and will not accept anything less than what they have now.

        In the next few months I think what the final NHRA approved Camaro body will determind the outcome for the teams and GM.

        It is all about money, speed and winning.

        • 4 Years Ago

        Chevy is wanting a Camaro but the issues as I was told are not so much the nose as the C pillar and how it matches up in the form they have to use it. The want to move it back and slope the window more but NHRA is not cutting them much as of yet. With the new molded body coming soon Chevy will get what they want and hope NHRA lets the use it as they have altered it.

        The teams are looking for down force on the rear with low drag. The GXP does well with this and the rear window not he CTS will give similar results. These cars need help to remain stable at speed.

        The CTS is a car is very similar in profile to the GXP that the teams love. They would like to keep the similar shape to keep an advantage on the other cars.

        I don't want to read much into it but even Jason Line after the Pomona race commented his GXP drove like a Cadillac. Some on the web wanted to claim he was lobbying but he may have just coined the old term with no hidden meaning too.

        Right now is where there is a lot of lobbying that is going on between the teams, GM and NHRA. This is where they get what they want or not. If the Camaro is going to be a problem I can see a couple team doing a CTS on their own. They would like Cadillacs blessing but do not expect funding from them.

        As of right now the Cruze is not even on the radar. Neither the teams nor Chevy have any interest there at this point. Chevy really wants to do a Camaro Vs Mustang race but if the car has poor aero that could change.

        I even noted that the Dodge Curt Bush drove was put together by Greg Anderson. He even built the engine. He may have done this to help and the money but he could have also done this to check out the Dodge as an option. When it comes to winning championships all the card can be on the table.

        I have worked with Greg and Jason before and they will look at all options. They are there to win and will do what it takes. Neither will accept anything less than the best.

        A lot can happen my Pomona next year so it may be interesting to see what changes may happen with styling and MFG changes.

        Believe me, if I was making this up I would have come up with something other than a CTS Pro Stock body. I did not believe it when I first heard it. The only reason I know a little on what is going on is because my firm works with several of the Pro Stock teams. A lot goes on that seldom get to the public. We see and hear a lot of things on the teams and drivers that don't get public.

        Also note the teams don't want to have to spend a lot of time on car bodies and chassis as they will soon have to deal with Fuel Injection. This is the next big step that is coming and there is a lot to sort out yet for the NHRA and the Teams.
        • 4 Years Ago
        Because a chassis man wants it, its considered "a possible go"? GM and Chrysler use lower end cars because of the mass-advertising the NHRA provides for them.

        Cadillac and drag racing is not something GM would like blended. The chassis builders would race a cheese wedge with an engine in it of they were allowed. It comes down to the marketing people. Heck, Chrysler is using a 4-door Avenger, purely for marketing purposes.
        • 4 Years Ago
        This news is not an April Fools joke. It has been out there for a little while and reported on March 24. http://www.competitionplus.com/drag-racing/news/17052-chassis-builder-wants-caddy-pro-stocker

        Say what you want but chassis builder Dennis Burnevik the guy who took over Don Ness's work is trying to make it happen.

        It may or may not happen but with little GM support right now the teams are looking to do what is best for them. If they can get a ok from GM they may move this ahead along with the Camaro program. Right now the Camaro body is just now being made and my not be seen till next year.

        So before you call lies an BS you had better know what they hell is really going on.

        • 4 Years Ago
        I would love to see the Camaro being used by GM but its most likely going to take too much work for the front end to be aero enough to work in PS. Look at Ford with the Mustang..that thing is at a double disadvantage against the GM's and Mopars. New engine program and a hard-to-work-with body. I figure GM will end up using the Chevy Cruze when the year limits run out for the Pontiac.

        Similar stuff happened back in the pro stock truck days, Dodge had a great engine program with the P5 stuff but the Dakota front clip was just too wide and pushed more air than the Ranger and S10 had too.

        If GM gets the NHRA to allow them to essentially slice 5" out of the center of the car and scrunch the grille down and make it more narrow they will use it. Double edged sword though...if it no longer looks like a factory Camaro..people wont buy it, yet...you gotta win races.

        Mopar just did this with the Avenger, they say factory dimensions were kept in more than a few cases...and the thing is still a bullet in the wind tunnel.

        Who knows!
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