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Numbers, in form of prices and horsepower, have been appended to the English sports car known as the Arash AF-10. Although the Corvette Z06 isn't considered a supercar, its LS7 V8 is a certifiable star and has found yet another supercar starring role in the AF-10's engine bay.

The base model gets 500 horsepower and requires €360,000 ($457,560 U.S.). The mid-range, which hasn't been priced, will be tuned for 800 horses. The top dog shots up another four hundred notches to 1,200 hp, and gets slapped with a €1.6 million price tag ($2.03M U.S.). That's the same horsepower as a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport with the price of a Veyron Grand Sport. In an alternate dimension we might call that "a bargain."

As if that weren't enough, the Arash site offers two more treats: the AF-10 configurator and a sketch of the Arash AF-8, a less extreme sibling. We'll wait for the AF-10 to fully arrive and prove it knows what to do with 1,200 hp, but if you like its looks yet not its price, there might be hope on the way.

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