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According to Automotive News, Suzuki has elected to halt production of its only North American-built model, the slow-selling three-row XL7 crossover. Blaming the nation's subprime loan crisis, Suzuki spokesman Hideo Kojima has confirmed that no additional examples of the America-only model will roll off out of General Motors' CAMI joint-venture facility in Ingersoll, Ontario. The plant is still operational, however, continuing to produce other GM vehicles for the remainder of the model year.

Given GM's dire financial state, you might expect for Suzuki to be worried about the future of the their arrangement, but apparently that isn't so. AN quotes CEO Osamu Suzuki as saying: "The possibility that CAMI would be forced into closure or a production stop is 120 percent impossible... it is a central pillar in the reconstruction plan, so I am not worried about it."

So while there may be a paucity of new kabuki-faced XL7s headed out onto North America's roads, Suzuki apparently believes that their joint venture with GM will find a way to carry on.

[Source: Automotive News, sub req'd]

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      They were still making them?!
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      CAMI is located about a half hour from where I live. I sure hope it doesn't shut down. Ford's St. Thomas assembly, which builds Crown Vics/Marquis/Town Car is likely gone by next year, and it's also about a half hour away. Ontario is really taking a beating with plant closures.
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      Best News I've read all day...

      Worst rental car EVER!!
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      Shut down CAMI, thats unpossible!
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      The only reason why Suzuki made profit on their worldwide sale was because of the still booming Indian market.


      The auto companies who are still profitable are the ones who have strong presence in the new economic powers like India & China. (Suzuki, Hyundai)

      The hurting big companies like GM,Ford, MB & even Toyota & Honda got too arrogant for their own good & ignored designing small & efficient cars for these markets. (Yes, Toyota & Honda have ignored China & India compared to Hyundai & Suzuki)

      If this doesn't show the new dynamics of the economy of the 21st century, I don't know what will.
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      Suzuki still makes/badges cars?!?!?!
      • 6 Years Ago
      Suzuki makes good cars and trucks ---hope they out beat Honda
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        is that a joke?

        because if it was, it wasn't funny