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Click above for a gallery of the 2009 Lotec Sirius

The Lotec Sirius has been around since the early 2000s after former Group C2 champion Kurt Lotterschmid vowed to create a supercar capable of taking on the best from Italy and beyond. The original car was motivated by a twin-turbocharged 6.0-liter V12 supplied by Mercedes-Benz and put out between 850 and 1,200 hp depending on the spec. After a few hard years and several production delays, Lotec plans to release an updated Sirius in 2009 and has previewed the new supercar in a series of renderings.

Power output is likely to be down from the previous model due to the V12's lack of availability, but the tubular steel frame and carbon fiber body will remain, allowing the Sirius 2.0 to tip the scales at just over 3,000 pounds, despite being equipped with power steering and air conditioning. Performance should be on par with the outgoing model, with a claimed 0-62 mph sprint of 3.8 seconds, the run to 120 done in under eight seconds and a supposed top speed of 242 mph. Considering the difficulties Lotec has faced in the past, we doubt we'll see the new Sirius on a stand at any international show, but we can hope for an appearance in Geneva.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 6 Years Ago
      I feel so odd, but for some reason, these V8, V10, V12 powered "supercars" don't really impress me as much as they used to. I think I've been reading too much Autoblog Green, but it just seems odd at a time when efficiency is more likely to get you attention than 1,000hp to introduce such a car.
      • 6 Years Ago
      The economy's in the tank, people are losing jobs and going bankrupt, car companies are in trouble, and yet someone still wants to sell the world another ultra-expensive sports car. Why can't someone come to their senses and build a car the whole world can afford for a change?
        • 6 Years Ago
        There are already too many cars people can afford, like civic, camrys etc. We don't need more of those. If a person have a passion to make something amazing and worthwhile, why stop them?
        • 6 Years Ago
        No matter how deep sh*t the world's in, there's always plenty of millionaires who are not affected by crisis and can still afford their usual luxuries.
      • 6 Years Ago
      I've actually seen one of the originals at a small "exotic" dealership in Fort Lauderdale (not the "Toy Store"). Just like most of these 1-off exotics, it had a 1980's style prototype sports car space-frame and a wavy fiberglass body of some type. It was an interesting piece as it had a Benz star on the nose and a nice V12. I think it was a case of, buy the engine and get the car for free. However, in this case, I think the Benz V12 worked better in the SL600 from whence it came.
        • 6 Years Ago
        you have seen a Isdera Imperator, Isdera and b&b developt their own idea of a Mercedes 300SL successor or a 1970´s interpretation of the orginal 300SL. Isdera put the Mercedes star on the front without asking Mercedes to allow it, the huge publicity success of the CW111 concept moved Mercedes to allowed Isdera to put the Mercedes star on the car and call it Mercedes CW111 Studie (the only car ever allowed to carry the Mercedes star without being evelopt by Mercedes), based on the CW111 Isdera started production of the Isdera Imperator 108i which was build in two series from 1982 till the mid 90´s. Many Isdera customers ordered the car with the Mercedes CW111 styling.

        Thats the CW111

        Thats the Imperator 108i (MkI)

        Thats the Imperator 108i (MkII)
      • 6 Years Ago
      I remember reading about this car in Sports Car International (RIP). It looks amazingly futuristic in a 80's 90's way but still looks great. The only part I don't like is the interior which I believe was lifted from a Porsche 944. Hopefully they will be updating that as well.

      I think the rear end is a nice update but I prefer the original front end.
      • 6 Years Ago
      Lotec started his company with building race cars in 1966, they have won the 1000km at Fuji race way in 1984, they have won the group C Junior and finished the season as best team not using a Porsche 956... would not call that lotech..

      The Sirius design looks 90´s because it was desinged in the 90´s... you failed
      • 6 Years Ago

      the techical data for the Siruis are wrong

      The power is
      1000hp at 6300rpm at 0.85bar boost and 1100Nm at 3400rpm
      1300hp at 6300rpm at 1.20bar boost and 1320Nm at 3400rpm
      topspeed 250mph depending on gearing

      0-62mph 3.8s
      0-125mph 7.8s
      • 6 Years Ago
      Wow. It looks like it is wearing a yamulke, and the new front end looks like it has a tongue.

      The back isn't so bad.

      But I have to agree... the whole "lets build an insanely expensive super sports car, just because it might be a cool idea"...

      ...is becoming a "me too" club. I won't begrudge people for trying it, have at it.

      But why is there no-one trying to build one for real people?

      Why are the Fiero and MR2 both extinct? I know that they aren't margin leaders, I know they don't bring home the bacon, but such 'everybody' sports cars, and even other well done affordable performance cars do generate buzz, and they do attract enthusiasts to brands that could use a little enthusiasm.

      The two companies respectively have become two of the biggest, and they got there by offering several things to many people. Now that they are at the top, they have ignored all else but the bottom line. They make money, by happening to try to sell cars, they don't build cars for a living.

      Sorry, but this supercar doesn't impress me. It isn't a McLaren F1 or a Ferrari, and it doesn't raise the bar in any way, not even stylistically, or by offering a mercedes engine, which Pagani, and likely others, also do, and do at least as well.

      If someone were to sell an honest to goodness sports car with a mid-engine layout to someone like me, and style it well (basic good design does not cost any more than marginal or bad design. details do, but I am not asking for a 30k$ car finished like a Ferrari.)

      That would impress me. The SW20 and late model Fiero GTs were nice looking. The MR2 Spyder was much less impressive, and despite layout similarities with the two-trunk boxster, the MR2 Spyder had less capability to pack for a weekend than even a Miata, or probably even a Solstice or Sky, and the GM twins are almost completely devoid of storage with the convertible tops down, let alone any of them being as stiff as a coupe, which MR2 and Fiero both were.

      If you go further back, you can even see classic designs like the later Corvair Monza coupes, and even 4-door sedans, which still look attractive today, as classics.

      Lotus Elise and Exige are about the only thing close, and are small even for the average human let alone a tall one, and as expensive as the average household income, and no more versatile than the MR2 Spyder. Boxster is more practical, and Cayman is even more. But both are expensive, as Porsches are.
      Corvettes and others are at least as expensive, and are not mid-engined.

      With the abundance of FWD cars, even with powerful V6 and V8 engines as of late... are affordable mid-engine RWD cars really that hard? Or is it just that no body wants to actually build anything interesting and truly fun anymore?
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