• Jul 14th 2007 at 4:56PM
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So many designers are getting in on Dino action these days, we can only hope the car doesn't turn into the automotive equivalent of Snakes on a Plane. Ferrari's consistent disavowals regarding any plans to make "a cheap Ferrari" is not stopping those with pens and intricate rendering software from making their own. Next into the breach is Ernesto Freitas, a Portuguese designer and engineer who has not only drafted a mock-up Dino, he then made a foam model. It's not as elegant as some of the other randomly generated Dinos we've seen -- things get quite busy aft of the doors -- but there is a healthy dose of Dino language to be had throughout. No matter what, though, full marks to Mr. Freitas for commitment to his vision. As for you, Ferrari, we'll see you in Frankfurt with The Car That Isn't A Cheap Ferrari...

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      Ah!!! I reread... disavowals is correct but is awkward in this sentence.
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      Ferrari's a sell-out brand. Unless Ferrari raises the standards of its clientele and returns to its roots building cars as homologations specials, its audience will be the same posuers as it's been since the '70s.
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      A. This is why there are no good portugeuse cars.
      B. Why did this guy waste his time and money???
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        wait,and see. Behold,the designer will be around,not CEIA,the builder,the designer...you´ll hear from us!!!!!
        By the way,WWW.LUSOMOTORS.COM,...new projects are at large........
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      This is the full story about the car in the picture. It's a new concept from Vinci, and it's (for now) called 'Sports Coupé'. Vinci is a brand new portuguese car-maker, it just revealed it's first project, the Vinci GT. It's concept is based around old-fashioned '60s GTs, but with an updated design. It's 100% designed and built in Portugal, except for what's under the hood: a Corvette V8.

      This was the first static concept:

      Today I got the chance to witness the Vinci GT launch, I'll try to return to you with some photos, by tomorrow. Let's just say that after seeing the Vinci GT live, I can't barely wait for the Vinci 'Sports Coupé'. =)

      PS - In case you're wondering, the Vinci GT will have a limited production of 150 units, with 15-20 cars built each year, and will cost around €250,000.
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        Not the worst-looking car, but no Ferrari...certainly not for the money.
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