• Mar 12th 2007 at 6:56PM
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Click above image to view two-high res renderings of the Hyundai Concept Genesis

We've collected quite an archive of posts showing you spy shots of a large V8-powered, rear-wheel drive prototype sedan from Hyundai called the Equus, for lack of an official name. Things are getting more official ahead of the New York Auto Show in early April where this car, the Concept Genesis, is slated to debut. We've just received these concept renderings of the Concept Genesis that preview what we believe will become the production large, rear-wheel drive sedan from Hyundai everyone is expecting.

The Concept Genesis is clearly a large car, bigger than Hyundai's current range-topping sedan, the front-wheel drive Azera. Overall the design is fairly simple, elegant even, with a Camry-like grille flanked by a pair of headlights the quickly retreat up the car's hood. The rear continues the classy theme with what looks like a single strip of chrome that bisects and connects the two taillights. The New York state license plate is a nice touch, too.

We know nothing more about the Concept Genesis except what we can glean from these renderings, but will be sure to bring you the full scoop from the show floor of the New York Auto Show in a few weeks.

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      • 8 Years Ago
      I can draw a nice car too. Lets see the thing in real life. Like somebody said before tho, I would love a good performing car with a warranty like that.

      • 8 Years Ago
      Thats like a lightly re skinned lexus gs350
      • 8 Years Ago
      I must agree: Posters 22 and 23.
      I may have went off of the "deep end" some, but , I have had issues with a "Chevy" Spectrum*(Isuzu I-mark, rebadged for Chevy), with master cylinder dying out , less than 1 year old, Never had that happen on Any car since 1985!

      our 1997 200sx, nice car, but the igntion coil needed work, timing chain skipped a tooth( gear tooth chipped?), and had tons of issues, rebuilt starter, also, new chain and gear, over 1K at the local shop, at 3 years old, 66K miles. Engine light kept coming on, had timing issues again, we traded for the 01 Tibby, which lasted 103,000.
      EVERY CAR WE OWNED had one issue, at least, that is should not have had(or had it as early as it did, like the timing chain jumping on the Nissan, for example).
      I still like the Azera, and as poster 22 said, No recalls(NHSTA?) on any version. It's just that I can't afford 25-30K, and MPG is getting more important these days( gas is nearly 2.60 a gallon here in the Midwest, and over 3 in California?).
      One car gets 120 miles of driving per day, 5 days per week.
      If car A gets 34MPG, and Car B gets 24... Car A looks like a better deal( and getting 40-45MPG,like on Prius or hybrid Civic looks even better, but they are 20-23K, cutting it close on the budget).

      So, if I ranted, sorry. It was not a personal attack against Hyundai, just stating my issues with Many makers( I also stuck up for the Azera, btw... first 2 lines of my reply on page one.....0-60, I read, think on edmunds.com, was 6.5 seconds! Not too shabby!)Just the MPG, price, etc, keeps us from wanting one.
      Just gets old. The longest we had a car was the 90 sentra xe, and even at 7K, it stalled, needed timing re-set, and new plugs( plugs were fired brown on one side, due to misfire, I was told, timing being off) and at 9,000 miles, needed the door strip reglued on passenger side, and new radio! After this , any extra, all I needed was new CV Boots at 97,000 miles.
      Still... it lasted 9 years, 233,000+ miles, BUT, It Had Issues under warranty( the 7,000 miles stalling, could have left us stranded 120 miles south of Myrtle Beach, in Charleston SC, but luckily, we got home in time, and it died the next day, Labor Day weekend 1990... ).
      No free tows,either, like GM, Hyundai/Kia and Mitsubishi(and Ford Focus?) provide these days, and 100K warranties on drivetrain.
      So, guess Hyundai isn't so bad.
      I guess even Toyota and Honda have had a few recalls recently.
      So, don't take my First response as a 100% "Avoid Hyundai"( I can be overly negative at times..sorry).
      No such thing as a horribly bad car, like had in the 70's, 80's, and even into the 90's.

      Just get tired of All Makers. I seems if you get a "cheap" car( anything under 20,000 dollars is "cheap", supposedly, these days) they have issues, small, medium, large, too many....
      So far, yes, I am happy with the 04 Sonata(minus resale, but hey, GM, Ford, chrysler, Mitsubishi,Suzuki, and many others can have the same be said about them).
      We shall see what happens by 2010, at pay-off, and how many miles I have, and how it has held up.

      have a good one.
      BTW,this car looks decent enough.
      Should sell. I know a few people asked about Hyundai/Kia trucks(they do not have any yet)...
      • 8 Years Ago
      To the Hyundai fans.
      I will drive a Hyundai, as long as you make the monthly payments for me.
      • 8 Years Ago
      I'm always looking for a new car. It's just how I am, I keep up to date on the vehicles available and what features I like and prices.

      I've seen a lot of people claim this car is a copy of the Camry. It may have some similarities but there is one stunning difference to me. I find the new Camry to be absolutely repulsive.

      I am a Hyundai owner currently, I traded my Toyota for one. I've owned GM, Ford, Honda, Toyota.. cars from the sixties and eighties and nineties and into this decade.

      Hyundai makes a solid vehicle. This comes from a man who used his accent as a rally car in his youth on logging trails and dirt roads and pushed that silly little 4 banger to 112mph. I ended that car by slamming it into a utility pole head on at 60-70mph and both my passenger and I walked away.

      I will drive my elantra until it's paid off. My woman will drive hers until it's paid off. If we're in a position where the money is right, petroleum is still used as fuel and is affordable, and humanity hasn't managed to get itself wiped out.. I will absolutely purchase and drive the hell out of this car. It is beautiful.
      • 8 Years Ago
      It's funny how post #19 shits on about his crappy sonata while buying two more hyundais. Also, it's funny how s/he is saying how crap the car is but the post right after that says how good the car is.

      Besides, if you slam on the turn signal, you are going to break it. I don't know about you but usually, people don't slam on the turn signal hard, b/c they are smart enough.

      And I remember that I have read your post somewhere. It seems like you are copying and pasting.
      If I had the time, I could just make up about shit about Camry, why should we believe you, who have no proof whatsoever.

      I don't get those ppl who say Camries are sporty or Toyotas are hot... It just goes to show you how sad North America is. While your admirer, Toyota, doesn't even bring the cars that sell in Japan or Europe, we get some shitty cars that are designed "for US" (which means bloated piec of shit) and we drool all over it. What became of this world...?
      • 8 Years Ago
      Its stunning. Its sad if it comes to the UK we will pay the equivalent of 60k - 70k dollars. You guys are spoilt. My XG300 is still running strong after 6 years and 87k miles with apart from servicing just two changes of tyres. My former Beemer was off the road three times in six months with major problems. So u get duds once in a while from all manufacturers.
      Also remember what Toyotas were like B4 Lexus. Even Lexus were accused of looking like Mercs. Well done Hyundai you have come a long way.
      • 8 Years Ago
      PS: sorry if my above post sounded like a "attack", but it gets old when people "go political" on any site. What do I mean "go political", they pick PART of a story, focus on that(in order to try and make you look bad to others)and ignore the other comments that would Negate(means disprove their attack on you)their attack.
      Yeah, my 04 is ok. Big deal. I am not crazy 4 Hyundai, and spouse would NOT want another one. Since we co-sign on ALL cars(so we can afford new stuff, vs used).. looks like we ain't gettin' anohter Hyundai, which won't hurt my feelings too much, since we have , in the past 20 years, have owned(ALL NEW, except the 77 Camaro, we traded in for the Spectrum) 2 Chevies, 2 Nissans, 3 hyundai,s and a Scion(Toyota) tC.
      Now, go find someone else to attack.
      • 8 Years Ago
      O look at that, I wasn't the only one tired of your whining.
      LOL thx reddssharkk.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Post 22. I can't agree more to what you said. Nice post.

      As for me, I own a 06 Sonata GLS V6. Until I drove the car Hyundai wasn't on my purchase list. What I discovered was Hyundai offered a lot of car for far less money than comparable cars from the other brands. Now after one year of ownership Hyundai will be considered in the future when I decide to buy/replace one of my cars.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Why does most every Korean and Chinese car look like another car... no originality here. Personally, I would rather drive a 5 year old Japanese car than a new Korean one.
      • 8 Years Ago
      "So, 0-60 in 6.5 seconds is not "sporty"?

      In my opinion, there's a lot more to "sporty" than 0-60 times.

      The Camry is just as fast, but I'd never call it sporty, either.
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