• Feb 22nd 2007 at 6:02PM
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We've just learned that EMO TRANS, the shipping company that was hired by General Motors to transport a Corvette SS mule to Germany for testing on the Nurburgring, has fired the employee who took pictures of the vehicle and posted them on the internet. In addition, the unnamed employee has been taken to jail, though we don't know what charges have been filed against him. For our part, we've removed the pics from Autoblog for fear of GM's wrath. The automaker has been reportedly approaching various sites all day requesting the images be removed, so rather than waiting for the phone to ring we've gone ahead and taken them down.
This clearly illustrates how seriously GM is taking the development of the Corvette SS, as well as how utterly embarrased and apologetic EMO TRANS must be for the actions of its employee. It's all fun and games on our side of the fence because we got to see some real, informative shots of this very special Vette, but it reminds us that there's a lot of money on the line. We're sure that GM didn't appreciate pics of this powerplant were available for every other automaker to peruse. Lesson learned, though harder for some than others.

We'll keep you updates as more concrete and verifiable info becomes available.

Josh over at The GM Source is reporting that the SShutterbug in question has not been placed under arrest, nor is he in police custody. GM has filed a civil complaint with the Romulus PD, and the matter remains under investigation. Whether or not the individual in question will be charged with a crime depends on the outcome of said investigation. Stay tuned. Full report here.

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      Granted, we're only talking about buying them a few days or weeks of the competition not knowing exactly what they've got up their sleeve, but I'm pretty sure photos of the hitherto secret (or at least, unconfirmed, which is basically the same thing) engine qualifies as violating a trade secret.

      Just because this guy hasn't been jailed and probably won't be, doesn't mean he COULDN'T be.
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      Let him rot in a cell for awhile. I'm sure the bright guy at EMO Trans is getting a very quick education in development cost breakdowns courtesy of the blunt instruments at GM legal. And maybe a side lesson in cause and effect from his cell mate.

      We now return this space to the previously scheduled, off-topic rant by fordman.
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      I am a member on fast-autos and saw them when he posted them. He only kept them on there for a short peroid of time, and I believe it was before anyone else picked up on the story. So I doubt you will find them.
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      I have just learned and want to make it completely clear that the basis of this article is false. He has not been arrested. A civil complaint has been filed, but there are no formal charges and he has not been taken into custody. Here is an article from TheGMSource confirming this.

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      Anyone know how to get a hold of those pics?
      • 8 Years Ago
      Raise the bottom, not the top. 500hp is plenty for the vette, now make that standard for $50 grand.
      6 speed automatic (6t40) with the 2.2/2.4 ecotec in the cobalt/G5
      Make a 'new' V6 for the pickups (the inline6 isn't going to fit) 3/4 of the 6.0LS2, 4.5V6 300hp on regular coupled to the 6L50 transmission.

      If GM puts a 6 speed auto into the canyon/colorado, no axle ratio change needed. 242hp 3.7 inlne5 on regular vs. 1gr-fse 236hp on 95 RON fuel and only 5 speed auto.

      The 'new' G8, where is the 6L50 for the V6, use the 3.27 axle ratio of the stick V8.

      • 8 Years Ago
      #15, there is no doubt that Ford has done stuff wrong in the past like letting the Taurus turn into only a rental car. Then, you say that the F-150 is a piece of shit? C'mon, when the F-150 was released in 2004, it was the only truck that had a car like luxurious interior, a 9900 towing capacity, an extremely quiet truck, the ride was not harsh like a truck, and the list goes on and on. Only now in 2007 is GM coming out with trucks that have car like luxurious interiors and non truck like ride.

      The Ranger may be old, but it is selling better than ever (although I am not sure now much).

      I disagree that the GT was over priced. Sure, not many people could afford one, but it was WAY cheaper than Ferraris and Lamborghinis that it was being compared against (the Corvete ZO6 is alot cheaper though), and what do you mean by "poor management"?
      • 8 Years Ago
      Jalopnik doesn't have the burnout pics, though.
      • 8 Years Ago
      #26 -- if he really stole the car and took it for a joyride, he deserves to rot in jail.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Fordman, I laugh at the way you bash GM, personally, you need to look at the Ford Motor Co.,
      #1 Redesign the F series truck how many times in 10 years, and its still a piece of crap.

      #2 Discontinue a car that has sold millions of copies (Taurus) then redesign and rename it the 500, and when it doesn't sell rename it the Taurus?

      #3 Build a decent minitruck/mid-size truck, Ranger, biggest joke for the smallest truck on the market, low quality, no resale, and they discontinued the Taurus?

      #4 Spend billions of dollars on a car that they can't afford to build, The GT, great design, great performance, but poor management and WAY over priced, another great idea discontinued.

      #5 I could go on for along time but I have more important things to do, do us all a favor and pull your head out and quit slamming GM and take a good look at the "BOLD MOVES" ford has done in the last decade, and tell us all about their quality, or as they used to call it "QUALITY 1" by the way, that was as sucessful BOLD MOVES, most smart will fall for their BS for so long.
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      #24 Thats Exactly What Brenda Told Me. That I Could Be Brought Under Trespassing Charges If They Got Out. But I Questioned How They Would Have Proof Of Who Took The Pics. She Told Me To Do Whatever I Wanted With Them But Be Cautious Of What Could Happen Lol
      • 8 Years Ago
      We were bound to see spy shots anyway, considering its soon going to be lapping a public race track...
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