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We just saw Subaru's new lineup of rally drivers at the LA Auto Show last week, but little did we know we were in the presence of insanity. Ken Block, driver of the #43 car was on hand to show his team some support as they announced the contract extension of Travis Pastrana. It's hard to believe now, because Ken looked like a relatively normal guy, but he is certifiably insane. Who in his right mind would take a rally car, even one as capable as the WRX, and launch it 130 feet through the air?

Tipped to this story by 0-60 magazine, we managed to track down the YouTube video to show the jump in extremely poor quality, but in an attempt to prove that the still photos accompanying the story don't get taken for fakes. It seems cable fixture The Discovery Channel put this jump together for Stunt Junkies, "a TV Show where each episode revolves around a fearless feat never performed before," according to 0-60. Stunt Junkies shows how stunts are done, taking it from concept to completion. This particular episode is tentatively set to air in February. Click through the read link to hear what Block had to say about the jump, the X-Games, and fellow rallyers Colin McRae and Travis Pastrana. And to see some killer still shots too!

[Source: 0-60 Magazine]

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      Actually on a jump like that, the angle of the landing is built to match how the car is going to land. So as ong as you come down in the "sweet spot," there wont be that much of an impact. Same reason why snowboarders can jump like 200 feet and ride off no problem. It all has to do with the slope of the landing.

      Now as for X-games, if I remember correctly one car got creamed by the jump, but the number one killer for Rally cars seems to be unmovable objects, like boulders and trees, so actually the stages can be more brutal on the cars.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Real rally vehicles have very supple suspension and tall tires, unlike the "rally inspired" BS that has harsh suspension, no ground clearance, and rubber band tires.
      • 8 Years Ago
      eventho it's a rally race-car... wouldn't it get seriosuly F-ed up after a jump like that?

      Same thing goes for X-games... it seemed as tho with all the jumping and more stunt driving them racing, didn't they they go thru a lot more cars that a typical rally race?

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