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The Borneo Bulletin reports that the German marque's new S-Class has received several awards of excellence. The honors include:
  • Newspaper Bild am Sonntag awarded the luxury sedan its "Golden Steering Wheel."
  • Top Gear awarded it the "Limousine of the Year" due to the S-Class relaxing effects on passengers, whose hearts averaged 5 beats per minute less than other brands in the comparison.
  • What Car? magazine deemed the S-Class "Best Luxury Car."
  • The Automotive Circle International (ACI) gave the S-Class its "EuroCarBody Award 2005" for its exterior design.
More details of each award can be found at the link. Are they deserved or make you go "hmmm?"

Wards names industry's top interiors, features
Austrian magazine votes Mercedes-Benz S-Class "Fleet Car of the Year"
New S-Class unveiled

[Source: Borneo Bulletin]

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      I agree with G Mitchell! "What Car?" is very well known in the UK. As for "Bild am Sonntag", it's the Sunday edition of the best-selling newspaper in Europe:


      Finally, the "EuroCarBody Award 2005" sounds like a rather significant award to me:


      So the title of the article should have been: "S-Class receives a variety of foreign awards most American readers may find obscure" :-)
      • 8 Years Ago
      in yet without this same system, we would still be living in straw huts and using a horse and buggy to get to work. GIVE ME A BREAK.
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      Hmm... obscure to American audiences but most of these are respected and established European awards. Hearing about it from Borneo's newspaper is the strange thing here. 'What Car?' is the equivalent of Consumer Reports in the UK. While I'm not 100% certain as to the US equivalent, the Golden Steering Wheel is a huge honor in Germany.
      • 8 Years Ago
      These so called respected and well circulated magazines are quitely funded by firms like Daimler Chrysler. As soon as a new product is released these magazines move into high gear and start the award brigade.

      More the funding, more the awards. Its that simple! Deceptive propaganda on a massive scale is launched with impunity. No magazine or editor who is willing to sell themselves, their ethics and morals for a few euros/dollars in exchange for

      "best of the best"
      "best of the year"
      "golden so and so"
      "finest of the so and so"
      "greatest ....."

      awards. magazines have almost become like a award machine, slide in a few dollars and out comes a award candy which mercedes can wear on its pinstriped suit, with bloated chest and nose high in the air with a cleverly built sense of sophistry and sophistication.

      Look what I got!! Look Look!! Such and such "eminent" , such and such "highly esteemed magazine" has awarded this medal to me for bringing to market the greatest thing known to man. Look Look! These "impartial, unbiased, ethical, highly respected, widely circulated, magazine for the rich and famous, magazine for the intellectuals" has awarded this trinket to me.

      Look Look!...

      And on and on it goes. Till everyone in the world is saturated with this brain-washing, this relentless savage attack on mind, constantly drilled into the "prospective customer" that nothing can be more worthy, as if life itself is not worth living without a german mercedes, a european trinket, as if all the happiness is waiting in S-class.

      Relationships, love, family, a sense of aesthetics, simplicity all have to be trashed and replaced with relentless

      "buy this buy that", "show it to your neighbours", "flaunt all you have in society with utmost vulgarity". beat your chest subtly, by proclaiming, "Look I have arrived, after all I drive an S-class".

      This savage attack on mind, this constant brain-washing is the reason why mental-disorders, a stressful life have become a norm, the joy that our ancestors even as recently as 1950s used to enjoy.

      At the heart of this massive propaganda, this constant assault on mind of children and mind of adults is greed.

      Money has become the almighty god of everything. Thus the need for awards and marketing. People who are easily impressed by these awards from so called respected magazines become the cheerleaders, wannabe losers for those who buy these vehicles and roll around with inflated ego, their hearts and minds devoid of all civility, civilization, rejoicing in their own degenerated ego, living in falsehoods, merely a showpiece of mechanically trained manners and gestures.

      Such then is the state to which our western civilization has fallen.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Drive one and you won't give a damn about the press, it's a wonderful car.
      • 8 Years Ago
      I like German produced car, I feel safe more than car produced by Japan.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Speaking of Top Gear awards, BBC America has a site where you can make suggestions on their programming. Go here to request Top Gear: