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Rolls-Royce microbots could be working on your engine in no time

The bots will be able to inspect the engine from the inside

The bots will be able to inspect the engine from the inside.

Marine Corps wants 'swarm' drones for amphibious warfare

Land, sea, and airborne drones could save US Marines.

But first, the Marines will start by equipping its infantry squads with simple quadcopters.

Massachusetts town abuzz over bees in car trunk

Authorities in Fitchburg, Massachusetts believe that a bee hive was stashed in the trunk of a parked car with malicious intent.

Mosquito swarm traps men in car

Nothing ruins a lovely evening in the country like being hassled by a bunch of mosquitoes.

Swarm of bees descends on man's Mitsubishi

A man in Wales got quite a shock when he returned to his car only to find it covered in bees.

Swarm of bees traps Oklahoma deputy in his patrol car

A truck hauling honeybees overturned on a busy Oklahoma interstate, sending a swarm of insects onto the highway that was visible a half-mile away.