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Sumitomo Electric Industries and KYB have been ordered pay out millions to settle civil and federal price-fixing cases, respectively.

The spiritual among us will view Sumitomo and Nissan's installation of its first-ever used-electric-vehicle-battery storage as a bit of divine reincarnation. But the idea is quite logical and practical. The two companies formed the 4R Energy Corporation in late 2010 and have now installed what they call the world's first "large-scale power storage system" using exclusively used batteries from battery-electric vehicles in Osaka, Japan.

Nissan North America and ABB, the world's biggest maker of power-transmission equipment, have announced an agreement to test used lithium-ion electric-vehicle batteries – such as those in the Nissan Leaf battery-electric vehicle – for possible energy storage uses for utility companies and community power sources.

In an effort to promote a membership-based charging service for electric vehicles (EVs), Nissan has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Sumitomo and NEC Corporation. Under terms laid out in the MOU, the trio of companies will conduct a study aimed at developing charging facilities that can provide continuous and readily accessible service to EV drivers that elect to take part in the membership program.

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