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Airbus' future strike fighter will command and control drones

Instead of removing the pilots, the FCAS will put two humans in the cockpit.

Airbus is looking at a future where strike aircraft would attack their targets not only with bombs and missiles, but via unmanned combat aircraft.

NATO aircraft intercept record number of Russian aircraft

Over the past week, NATO aircraft have intercepted a total of 22 Russian aircraft in the Baltic Sea alone. A record 250 intercepts have occurred this year.

British Royal Air Force fighter inventory to hit lowest level since 1918

The British Royal Air Force is preparing to retire some 77 percent of its fighter fleet, bringing its inventory down to the lowest level since its founding.

RAF commemorates Battle of Britain anniversary with Spitfire, Typhoon flyovers

The Royal Air Force commemorated the start of the Battle of Britain, flying Supermarine Spitfires, Hawker Hurricanes and Eurofighter Typhoons over London.