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How a defecting Soviet pilot showed the US the MiG-25 was a paper tiger

And no, this story doesn't involve Clint Eastwood.

The Soviet Union's MiG-25 was a big, scary, high-speed fighter. That is, until Western governments got their hands on it, thanks to Soviet Flight Lieutenant Viktor Ivanovich Belenko.

NATO aircraft intercept record number of Russian aircraft

Over the past week, NATO aircraft have intercepted a total of 22 Russian aircraft in the Baltic Sea alone. A record 250 intercepts have occurred this year.

Drone video shows off former might of Soviet Red Air Force

The remnants of the former Soviet Union's mighty Red Air Force are featured in this impressive, drone-shot video.

Watch Poland's MiG-29s take to the skies in Fulcrum Drivers II

It use to be that seeing a MiG-29 Fulcrum screech across the sky was an unheard of event. Then, communism came to an end, and the elusive fourth-gen fighter suddenly was in the hands of a number of US allies. Slowly but surely, its exposure increased, until videos like this started to pop up. This is Fulcrum Drivers II, the creation of MiG-29 pilots at the Polish Air Force's 22nd Airbase, in Malbork.